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Updated on April 19, 2015

"The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another."This is a quote by William James,an American philosopher. He was a psychologist also.

Sometimes we have a depression about certain things in life that did not turn out as we had planned. We cannot find a solution for it.It is because we are in stress.Stress does not let us think.

Most of us face this at a certain point in life.It is not that it catches only certain people.Everyone has experienced it in life as today's life is very stressful.There is stress in job,there is stress in studies.Today competition is tough.We are not being able to achieve what we want.There is a big gap between rich and poor.That is causing stress.

In short today's life is very stressful.Everyone has experienced it.Nobody has been left untouched by it looking at the tough competition in today's life.

Stress is not always bad.

Stress is a response by body when we feel uncomfortable by the environment around us.According to,stress is a response by body to protect us.When we work for long durations,stress keeps us energetic,focussed and alert.In emergency situations, it keeps us alive giving us strength to defend.Accordng to,like animals run faster and fight hard during stress,similarly humans run faster and fight hard during stress. In doing so,our heart rate gets increased along with our blood pressure. However, lots of stress can be harmful causing major damages and affecting our lives. Stress can help as well as destroy us.

While overwork can be overwhelming, underworld can be challenging too.In essence, getting bored is stressful.

Research suggests if people begin to view stress in a different way,as helpful they can better handle its effects.

According to a research,those who thought stress affected their health had 50% more chance of dying by heart attack.

Stress can come from good and bad things. It can come from negative situations, like being scared. Anything that gives you pressure can cause stress.It can be due to positive events also,example chasing ones dreams,buying house.Stress can be self generated also,example, we are thinking of future.

Reaction of body and brain to stress

When a person is under stress, the nervous system releases stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones make our body ready for emergencies. Our breath quickens,muscles tighten and our heart beats faster.Blood pressure begins to rise and senses are sharpened. As a result of these changes our stamina and strength increases. Focus gets enhanced and reaction time is speeded up.Thus our body makes us ready to fight stress.

There are many adverse effects of stress

A few of them are:

1.Memory problems.

2.We experience constant worrying.

3.Anxiety shows a marked increase.

4.Judgements made by us are poor.

5.Concentration becomes poor.

Physical symptoms of stress:

1.Diarrhea or constipation.

2.Chest pain,a fast heartbeat.

3.Aches and pains.

Behaviour changes in stress:

1.Living in isolation.


3.Eating more.


5.Inadequate sleep.

Emotional symptoms of stress:


2.Short temper.

3.Frequent agitation feeling.

Stress can cause many damages.So,whenever we are in stress we should limit it.It should have limitations in everyone's life.Everyone is different,so everyone has different limitations.There are some who can withstand a lot of stress while in other cases,they may crumble with only a little stress. Tolerability to stress may differ from people to people.Everyone has different emotional intelligence, outlook to life,genetics and relationships.

Physical activity like exercising is beneficial in stress.It relaxes our body.
Physical activity like exercising is beneficial in stress.It relaxes our body.

How to cope up with stress

1.We should also keep some time for relaxation. Relaxation can be by meditation, deep breathing, yoga.This relieves stress.

2.There should be some physical activity in life like exercising.

3.We should consume healthy food that is rich in nourishment.

4.We should take good sleep.

5.Alcohol should be avoided.

6.We should develop habit of accepting things as they are.This will reduce stress.

7.When the situation can't be changed,we should adapt ourselves to the situation.

Ifwe take care of these,we can manage stress.

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