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Foundation factors of good health

Updated on March 23, 2009

There are few factors on which the foundations of good health are built and if even one element is missing, true health becomes elusive. For instance, we know a well-balanced diet is a pre-requisite for good health. Yet, people who are particular about exercise and food suffer from heart problems. Why does this happen?

The answer lies in the fact that the body must be seen as a complete unit. When the heart has the problems, it isn’t that the heart is ill. The whole person is ill. The illness is just manifested in the heart.

Good health rests on the three factors: correct nutrition, exercise and emotional well being, known as spiritual strength. When one element is missing, good health will elude us. So, we find that people who meditate may suffer from health problems because they eat immoderately or do not exercise.

Correct nutrition is about eating in moderation. You can break the rules, but only occasionally. You must learn to recognize the compatibility of various foods with your body, and eat a variety of foods in terms of types and colors.

Exercise is also about individual body requirements. It is important to find your own balance in exercise. Then there is spiritual balance or emotional well-being. Some people confuse spirituality with religion and so miss an important aspect of their lives. Stress management is the new mantra of well-being. Some people find it in yoga or meditation, others in music, chanting or welfare activities.



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