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How to maintain good health for life

Updated on January 24, 2013

healthy life

Good health is something we all want. It is not that difficult, if we practice some of the basic ground rules for a healthy life. There are several common features in eastern as well as western health practice which will aid us in maintaining good health for long.

Food is not bad but fast and unhealthy food can be a devil. The best thing to do is to eat real food in balanced proportions. Many of us may not realize it but eating food cooked with fresh ingredients is the healthiest option. It is advised to consume whole foods including vegetable, fruits and whole grains. Avoid processed, frozen or food with preservatives. In many developed countries the main issue with food is that majority of the food available on the shelves are processed. Processed food is full of calories, chemicals and salt resulting in obesity and an unhealthy body. Never skip your breakfast, as a balanced breakfast is the basis of a healthy lifestyle. Begin your day with a bowl of your favorite healthy cereal with fruits to maintain good health for life.

Sleep is an important aspect for enjoying good health. This is the period when our body repairs and restores itself. People who do not get a proper amount of sleep on a regular basis can have their body experiencing unhealthy metabolic rates. With age our cells get damaged and this is one of the important factors for aging. In case you are not able to sleep and are turning and tossing on the bed, get up and walk around, read a book or just meditate. Do whatever you can to relax your mind and body if you want to maintain good health.

Exercise is one of the key components of good health. Sweating is an excellent detoxifier. All forms of vigorous exercise or yoga will help you sweat out. Find ways to sweat a minimum of 3-4 times every week. Try running, or gymming. Even a long walk can be very useful for the body. It may be just for 30 minutes or so but offers numerous benefits.

We may not realize but positive mental frame and enthusiasm are great ways to keep in good health. You can be enthusiastic about anything your career, life, chores, resolving issues or anything to keep you light hearted. Our mind is buzzing with a lot of useless thoughts while positive thinking can influence the mind to drive away the negatives.

Some of us may be confused about the term ‘meditation’. It is more about 'being' and not any action. It can be an odd concept for people who are busy and measure success by what they have accomplished. There are several ways to meditate and you can pick the one which suits you most. You just have to trail your breath in and out with full concentration. If you are not able to meditate just sit alone quietly and concentrate on your mind for 15 minutes or so. This exercise will help you stay calm and understand yourself, steadying the body as well as the mind.

Ensuring and maintaining good health is very much in your hands. If you follow these simple suggestions you are sure to see the signs of change in your life and you will enjoy good health.


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