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Government Health Warnings with the Potential to Kill

Updated on October 26, 2012



Be Careful What You Suggest

Suggestion is a very powerful tool used effectively by advertisers to persuade us to buy things we imagine we cannot do without. Government health warnings on cigarette packets are also very powerful suggestions which if accepted by the subconscious have the power kill a smoker who reads them often enough.


Hypnosis and Suggestion

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation, a feeling we all experience at various times during our waking day. There is nothing mystical about it. How many times have you driven home from work and not remembered most of the journey? You weren’t asleep and you didn’t crash the car so where were you and how come you didn’t have an accident if you were not aware of the journey? Have you ever found yourself stuck on a page in a book and only after several attempts do you finally get your mind unstuck and you continue your read? Have you ever found yourself day dreaming during a boring lecture or meeting only to be brought back with a start when someone called your name or nudged you? Have you ever found yourself crying over a movie or programme on TV knowing full well that the actor isn’t really dead and will wake up just like you and have breakfast tomorrow morning?

These are just a few examples of hypnosis in everyday life. Everyone experiences hypnosis and it feels just the way I describe it in the examples above. It is when we are relaxed like this that we lower our mental guard, the analytical part of our mind and we become more open to suggestion than at any other time. I am not saying that when we relax and enter hypnosis that we are going to accept every suggestion we are given, what I am saying is that when in a relaxed state of mind we are more likely to take on board suggestions we are already predisposed to accepting.



Irresponsible Government Health Warning

‘Smoking kills’ is a suggestion in bold black lettering clearly visible on cigarette packets. The warning doesn’t say that only those people who are mentally and emotionally predisposed to being killed by cigarettes will be killed…no…it clearly says that smoking kills. This suggestion is carried around and read every time a cigarette is pulled from the packet. This  brain washing occurs every day until eventually its message begins to seep through to the subconscious of the smoker whether s/he was originally predisposed to being killed by cigarettes or not.

If a suggestion is given to somebody in a relaxed state often enough and if that person is already predisposed to accepting the suggestion then it is very likely that that suggestion is eventually accepted and spontaneously acted upon by that person’s subconscious mind. Don’t you think something as serious as this warrants consideration especially in this day and age of “Health & Safety”?


Vulnerable children


Children are most vulnerable to suggestion

Children are particularly vulnerable to suggestion as they do not have a well formed ego or critical filter to protect them. They tend to take comments made about their physical appearance more seriously and if they are told often enough by their friends that they are fat this is a suggestion that could be accepted and be then the cause of is bulimia or anorexia. Many children smoke cigarettes at a very early age and the younger the child the more open they are to suggestion. Our children are reading the words ‘Smoking Kills’ and though we want to prevent our children from smoking I don’t feel it warrants trying to kill them for doing so either! Some people will argue that the warning is like shock treatment and that the frightening words are an effective way to make people realise what they are doing to their bodies and they will stop as a result. This, however, is not what usually happens. The reality is that most smokers continue to smoke regardless but now it is not just the cigarette that is killing them. Smokers are now unwitting victims of government health warnings that are in essence suggestions designed to kill them. The government is not deliberately setting out to kill people but they are and in time research will show this to be the case. Governments all over the world are in possession of all the scientific data about the power of suggestion and they use it so effectively to sway public opinion but when it comes to issuing health warnings that have the potential to kill nobody seems to care.


Setanta Hypnotherapy Clinic

Responsible Treatment of Tobacco Addiction

Both my wife and I were smokers once and though we provide a stop smoking treatment as part of the services we offer at our private hypnotherapy clinic here in Peel we only accept people who choose to stop for their own sake and not because they have been bullied into it by friends, family or society.

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Why don’t we see the words ‘Drinking Alcohol Kills’ on bottles of alcohol? Have you ever seen the words ‘Overeating Kills’ on food labels? If the warning ‘Smoking Kills’ is required by law to be written on cigarette packets then surely the warning ‘Driving Kills’ should be clearly visible on the bonnets of our cars?

The truth of the matter is that only those people who are predisposed to be harmed by cigarettes will be. There is always a good reason albeit subconscious why people smoke, overeat or drink too much. A more responsible society would advocate people seeking appropriate help to address the underlying reasons for their destructive behaviour rather than planting suggestions in their subconscious that tell them over and over again that what they are doing and cannot help doing is going to kill them!

Smoking isn’t going to kill every smoker just as over eating, drinking too much or driving is going to result in death. Saying that these things will definitely kill, as the health warnings state, is irresponsible. The day will come when society will realise how it has unintentionally killed people because it ignored the power of the suggestions it condoned.

“Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” Where have I read those words before? Aren’t they just as relevant today as they were that Good Friday?

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Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking

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    • Spirit Whisperer profile image

      Xavier Nathan 7 years ago from Isle of Man

      Thank you for your very valid points and I appreciate your support.

    • Ashantina profile image

      Ashantina 7 years ago

      This is an important article which I'm glad you have addressed. As an ex-smoker I gave up of my own free will and have not had a cigarette for over 5 years. 'Will' is important here and is the ultimate thin line between those who 'choose' to quit or not.

      I think you raised another very valid point regarding the socio-political responsibility of the government to label and 'warn' about the equally lethal dangers of the over-consumption of 'luxuries' such as alcohol and (processed) food.

      With all things said and done we all know that the above 'consumer goods' are big business. And we all know that people are somewhat if not foggily aware of these dangers.. but these products are social luxuries, which is why 'KILLS' is something that only happens to the unfortunate who failed to see the lorry at a green light...

      Good hub.