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Grapes - A Powerful Anti Aging Food: Younger Looking Skin with Anti Aging Diet

Updated on July 30, 2014

Facts about Grapes

Grapes have been eaten since prehistoric times; and were cultivated in 5000 B.C.E.; nevertheless, researches and clinical trials are constantly being conducted to look into the skin and seeds of the fruit for greater health-promoting substances.

Grapes are being touted as an anti-aging food that can put a stopper to the disagreeable and undesirable signs of aging.Grapes are known to be used for the production of red wine, which is considered to be a strong anti aging food and known to enhance cardiac health.

Grapes are an excellent source of health-promoting compounds. Resveratrol is a potent compound that exerts powerful anti aging benefits. Resveratrol helps delay and hold back the process of aging and proffers several medical as well as cosmetic benefits.

Anti Aging Diet with Grapes: Grapes Nutrition for Younger Looking Skin

The fruit is loaded with two vital compounds resveratrol and flavanoids. Here are the benefits of the two compounds,

  • Resveratrol has powerful anti aging benefits. It is a part of a group of compounds that are known as phytoalexins; these the plant manufactures for self protection. Resveratrol wards off free radical and oxidative damage to the cells of the body. It effectively battles environmental stressors, both, physical as well as chemical. Research states that the skin of the fruit consists of 5 - 10 mg of resveratrol per 100 gms of the fruit. This compound can eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, make the skin smooth, supple and taut, and promises to defy age. It reduces the buildup of plaque within the arteries, thereby, preventing cardio-vascular disorders. What’s more, resveratrol also has anti inflammatory and anti cancer effects.
  • Flavanoids found in grapes are strong anti oxidants that hunt out the free radicals and annihilate them, as a result slowing down the process of aging. Flavanoids prevent oxidative damage to the blood vessels, inhibit aggregation of the platelets, avert the development of atherosclerosis, and lessen the risk of heart disease significantly.

Wine Grapes Nutrition: Grapes as Anti Aging Food to Fight Wrinkles

Grapes have wide-ranging nutritional properties. What's more, the nutritional quality of grapes can be considerably enhanced by eating the seeds of the fruit.

Along with a generous dose of flavanoids and resveratrol, grapes provide liberal amounts of vitamin B6, thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin C and potassium. These nutrients play a vital role in ensuring optimum functioning of various organs and enhance overall immunity and health.

Grapes in Anti Aging Diet: Quick Serve

Grapes are known to have the maximum pesticide residue; hence, it is always advisable to pick organically-grown fruits. In case you cannot get organically grown grapes, ensure that you wash the fruits well with an additive-free soap, and clean thoroughly under running water.

Always select fruits that are plump, wrinkle-free, and tightly attached to the stem.

Here are a few quick-serve suggestions to include the fruit in to your every day menu:

  • Grapes may be eaten whole, or you could incorporate them in to salads. There are a whole host of recipes for grape salad. You may even juice them; in fact grape juice is an ideal way of consuming the fruit. Grapes increase the taste as well as the visual appeal of a salad.
  • You can insert grapes to curries; it gives the curry a fruity taste.
  • Poached grapes taste fantastic with steamed chicken. Chicken salad recipe with grapes are a quick and ideal way of including the fruit in your daily diet.


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