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Great Gifts for Pregnant Women

Updated on December 2, 2014

Your friend is pregnant, hooray!

Now is the time to get her a great gift. There is a ton of cool stuff out there for pregnant girls these days, and you should definitely be the first one to get her a gift.

Don't want until she has the baby to make her feel special. Here are some cool things I've gotten my pregnant friends recently.

A thoughtful gift can make all the difference!

Reed's Ginger Nausea Relief

First thing's first: address your friend's tender stomach. This new product from Reed's (maker of Reed's Ginger Brew) is proven to effectively fight nausea in pregnant women as well as chemo patients AND people with motion sickness. It's safe and natural, and if your friend isn't already sick of ginger, it could really help!

First thing's first:  help your friend's upset stomach.  With real honey, ginger & lemon. Naturally delicious and effective. 12 grams fresh ginger & 10 mg vitamin B6 per can. No drowsiness. Safe for children. Effective & delicious soothing relief.Motion sickness. Morning sickness. Upset stomachs. Ginger is a traditional herbal tonic for nausea. It has been in use in certain parts of the world for thousands of years. The earliest writings from China and India talk about ginger and its health promoting properties. Other cultures throughout history, including the Roman Empire, have used ginger extensively to settle stomach complaints. More recently, vitamin B6 is being used for its anti-nausea properties. Reed's Natural Ginger Nausea Relief uses both fresh ginger root and B6 to help alleviate nausea naturally, without drowsiness. Over the past twenty years, millions of people have benefited from Reed's ginger beverages. Each can of Reed's Natural Ginger Nausea Relief is brewed with 12 grams of fresh ginger and 10 mg of vitamin B6, along with lemon, lime, honey and pineapple. Relieving nausea has never tasted so good! 25% juice. Feel the difference real ginger makes! No preservatives or artificial anything! Gluten free.

High Tech Morning Sickness Relief

Oh, she's sick of ginger, or she has morning sickness that defies natural remedies? Time to bring in the big guns. So your completely nauseated pregnant friend will love you forever, give the gift of totally effective nausea relief. I have bought this exact item for three different friends, it has worked on all of them, and they have thanked me profusely. The Relief Band NST device is worn on the underside of the wrist and provides relief of nausea and vomiting by stimulation of the nerves in the wrist with electricity. It sounds weird, but once you're that nauseous you will try anything, believe me.

Of course, the best gift of all is the baby, but you can also get your friend a cute little hat!
Of course, the best gift of all is the baby, but you can also get your friend a cute little hat! | Source

Puppies: Adorable, But Not a Great Gift

Jeans She Will Wear Even After She Has the Baby

Get your friend a couple of pairs of Old Navy maternity jeans (or a gift card), and she will love you forever.
Get your friend a couple of pairs of Old Navy maternity jeans (or a gift card), and she will love you forever. | Source

Gifts for Pregnant Women!

Be the first to get your friend a totally unique and thoughtful gift for her baby.
Be the first to get your friend a totally unique and thoughtful gift for her baby. | Source

What's the Best Pregnancy Gift You've Ever Gotten??

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