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How to enjoy marijuana legally and responsibly

Updated on March 2, 2010

The essential guildelines

1. Get a medical prescription from a doctor, its easier then you think

2. Never ever operate any moving vehicle or heavy machinery, especially if other people are with you.

3. It is your choice and yours alone, DO NOT give in to peer pressure.

4. Never encourage anybody to use marijuana against their will.

5. If you cannot handle it responsibly (your relationships are deteriorating, your dropping out of school or any other undesirable effect) Stop usage immediately and evaluate your life before enjoying marijuana again.

6. Analyze your reason for usage, if its to escape some sort of pain or emotional issue - DO NOT USE

7. Do not judge it without trying it there is only so much a person can tell you without invoking personal biases.

8. Obey all laws and regulations.

9. Respect your relationships with people who choose not to smoke.

10. After time seek other methods of marijuana other then smoking, no smoke is good for your lungs.

In depth look at the reasons for guidelines

1. "Get a medical prescription" - In society today our actions are governed by laws and structures, without which there would be chaos. Medical marijuana is used to treat many different situations from insomnia to anxiety. With a medical prescription you take away the stereotypical drug dealer and shed light onto a dark area of society. Most if not all of the medical clinics are professional, friendly and above all else LEGAL.

2. "Never operate a vehicle" - There are already enough distractions on the road today and the last thing that anybody needs is a person using marijuana for the wrong reasons while putting others in danger. Although marijuana is safer then alcohol it still does not mean you should drive under its effects.

3. "Peer Pressure" - The usage of marijuana is much more enjoyable under your own accords. It is a journey of self discovery and fulfillment. Simply say NO when you do not want to use marijuana for any reason, location, people, type of marijuana or simply because your schedule says so.

4. "Never be the peer pressure" - Follow the golden rule, "treat others how you want to be treated"

5. "If you cannot hang" - If you cannot handle its effects then simply stop the usage it is supposed to enrich and relax not make your life worse. If you continue to use marijuana while things around you are falling apart its time to move on, your becoming emotionally dependent.

6. "Analyze why you are using marijuana" - Young people especially are using marijuana for all the wrong reasons and giving it a bad name. Can you imagine if people started using tylenol as a party drug rather then to relieve pain (which people do). If your reasons are anything but relaxation or what your medical prescription intended then you are now giving a natural substance a bad name. Remember that it is not the marijuana but yourself that controls your behavior.

7. "Do not judge without discovery" - No, not from what you read because all the vocabulary in the english language cannot even begin to describe a feeling and that is exactly what marijuana is. The most brilliant doctor who has never used marijuana before is less certified to tell you about its effects and side effects then a recreational responsible user.

8. "This goes with everything else in life" - Police and government has enough to worry about, an honest police officer with any sense or morality couldn't care less for a responsible user doing responsible things.

9. "Respect your relationships" - Remember that not everybody uses marijuana so be respectful and understanding for their behavior, rather then get frustrated when you don't agree with them understand and love those around you. 

10. "Seek other forms of marijuana" - Although marijauan itself is natural and much safer the most other substances, smoke is not. Smoke in your lungs damages your respiratory system after prolonged usage. There are many other forms out there like butters, vapors, and liquids.


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    • profile image

      nurhan 7 years ago

      Interesting why so many people end up like this from smoking marijuana. Don't think it's true, visit a marijuana anonymous center... Stop smoking weed folks, it will catch up to you in an ugly way