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New York Retirement Living

Updated on April 20, 2013

Take Charge of Your Retirement

The question is: do we greet retirement? or does it greet us?

Retirement can be a pleasure for those who live where they choose, and do what they wish. Selections include an active path where new activities and learning are of the essence.

Retirees may select a full engagement calendar, and opt to live in an elegant established high rise building. They prefer a home that caters to seniors, from the moment they enter the front door, until they lay their slippers down in the evening.

The comforts of small town living in a country style cottage satisfy the cravings for a slower-paced retirement life. They are available in individual smaller homes.

In typical neighborhoods, or in retirement neighborhoods of single-family houses that still have common amenities, such as dining rooms, so neighborhoods residents don't have to lift a finger, yet retain their independence, along with traditional lawn and garden space.

Luxury retirement villas and downtown buildings boast gourmet room service, while most apartments still maintain full kitchens. In modest retirement inns, still with chefs, the one cooking feature is a microwave, inside the apartment or studio.

So, whether you want to as the coincerge to buy your symphony tickets, or you also retire from your on-the-town social life, you can find it in New York, Phoenix, San Diego, Jacksonville, Augusta, Chicago, Dallas, London, Rio, and other great cities.

Back in the 1960s a developer named Del Webb coined the term "Golden Years," when he was marketing his new planned retirement community, and the ration rapidly adopted the term for our retirement years. Enjoy your exploration of retirement lenses, below.

image credit I took this photo

Your Golden Years Retirement Living Plan - you know you want to love your new life too

Loving Life in Retirement: Making Your New Freedom Work
Loving Life in Retirement: Making Your New Freedom Work

Retirement can be a transition into a new and exciting life. Through reflections on his own life quest and his work as a psychiatrist, Dr. Berenson examines the world of retirement with its multidimensional possibilities for self-discovery, growth and adventure.


Prior to Readiness for Retirement - Tour GoldenYears Locations & Home Settings

explore options before necessity arises

If you don't already know where and how you want to live your retirement years, then take some days off to make some day-trips and longer journeys to evaluate retirement sites and homes.

Be sure to tour either private retirement homes in greater retirement communities, and residential apartment-style inns, as well as single occupant individual homes.

Take a look around your region and schedule some tours for day-trips. Then fly to wherever your heart guides you, and tour some of the sites you envision as homes for your retirement years.

As yourself:

1. How old will I be when I retire?

2. What do I want to do with my retirement future?

3. Where do I want to locate (if you intend to move out of your permanent home)?

4. How much am I willing to pay for my homesite (whether apartment or home)?

5. How can I develop a hobby into a service (to augment my income)?

6. How long will it take me to gain marketing skills?

7. Do I want to divert my retirement hobby income into my favorite charity?

8. Would I prefer to give hands-on specialty skills to a charity or school?

9. What do I really want and need to do?

Retirement Isn't Optional for Most of Us

The Golden Years are coming, whether we prepare or not!

Retirement age appears to most of us like a few gray hairs

Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself: "when did I turn gray?"

Did a friend remark on how a neighbor's gray hair resembles yours, when you thought you only had a few distinguished white hairs at the temples?

The surprise comes to most of us who fail to plan for the full scope of retirement needs.

The Social Security Administration indicates that the total of Americans who receive reduced retirement benefits is a whopping 72%. The realization that you are not going back to work can come suddenly, with a debilitating illness like a stroke, or gradually.

Even though we don't feel ready, a spate of serious, and energy sapping illnesses and conditions that, when added together (like multiple cancers and certain types of arthritis and fibromyalgia or lupus), may make us unemployable as we approach 65 or 67.

We can still use our job skills in retirement entrepreneurship. Even a pastime as enjoyable as gardening can be developed into a financial resource. Teach home gardening, or use a small greenhouse kit to nurture your favored herbs and sell them at your farmers' market.

Use your gaming or science bent to help research scientists solve genetic problems. Make your interests serve your free time, increasing your own income, or teaching other retirees or youth.

Super Charge Your Golden Years Retirement - do the experimentation and planning now

Supercharged Retirement: Ditch the Rocking Chair, Trash the Remote, and Do What You Love
Supercharged Retirement: Ditch the Rocking Chair, Trash the Remote, and Do What You Love

Life after retirement is much more exciting if you look beyond what you need for financial security as you prepare for it.

Mary Lloyd lays out a whole new paradigm for doing this and shows you how to assess what you really want and need--physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually--to make retired life the most rewarding time of all.


Develop Avocations Which Can Transfer to Income or Charity Work in GoldenYears

parsley or petunias or Sweet William Cherry Tomatoes

1. Teach - use your on-the-job work skills to teach Adult Education Classes at your neighborhood Community College or University Extension system.

2. Coach - other adults can use your expertise in Career Development. Use what you wish you knew to develop your own curriculum.

3. Learn - study online business opportunities, like Squidoo or Google AdSense, experiment and save all earnings.

4. Garden - take state or county Master Gardener classes. Grow favorite fruits and vegetables. Market yourself as the eco-conscious gardener.

5. Call - join an online call center and utilize your negotiation and persuasive skills to earn in a low-stress (home) environment.

6. Sew - refresh your family sewing skills at a sewing center, to build a reputation. Become the Chic Seamstress in your local area.

7. Cook - refine your best family recipe and market it as a generation boon for Baby Boomers.

8. Set Tables - do the table arrangement for retirements, birthdays, new year's, or your favorite special occasion table setting.

9. Teach Caddies - nail down the top-10 steps that caddies can take to make senior golfing outings work better.

photo by by Larry Bacon Vegetable Garden

Up Up and Away with Baby Boomers

reinvention is the name of the game

A new group of retirees prefers the classroom desk to recliners, and herbal waters to drinks in the poolroom. Work is not viewed as something from which to escape.

Work has new meaning in opportunities to work in new technologies, just developed; to give back in our public school systems; to return to school to study writing; and then to embark on a writing career, or to begin and polish off writing skills on a blog.

School and work are the new vacation, the re-vocation, the new dream of the future.

Since nearly half of the baby boomer population is divorced or single, they often have a renewed zest for life.

They may intend to maintain a high level of professional, educational, charity, and social life as benefits their states of mind - where given takes a hands-on meaning.

Travel becomes a part of their lives, whether they sell everything, buy a yacht or sailboat and cruise the seven seas, or they join a crew of global sailors, or do National Geographic work tours.

When not on the road these retirees want a solid homebase, where it is maintained independent of their hands-on care. Retirement communities fill the bill for people of choice. These lenses present such Retirement Inn opportunities.

photo from Retirement Gardening

Hot Air Balloon History & Present - get a fresh new vantage point

Hot Air Balloons
Hot Air Balloons

From that famous day in June 1783, when the Montgolfier brothers launched their first balloon over Paris, until the present day, people have continued to marvel at the grace and ease with which man can ascend aloft and float through the sky.


What Does Age Mean to a GoldenYears Retiree These Days?

Apple's iPad is a Perfect Fit for Seniors - research and confirm retirement appointments while you are on the go

This iPad boasts numerous color selections for its flexible cover that is so light you won't notice it. The cover protects that great iPad screen and whips open with ease. This is the perfect replacement for your bulky computer.

Stick it in a purse or backpack or men's shoulder bag. Read from your iPad during waits. Keep up to the moment on emails and love the ease with which you schedule and meet your schedules on this remarkable device.

The one companion for research and contact as you seek your perfect fit retirement location and activities. Oh, and you can use it to check up on your accounts too. Do it all in one place!

Handy iPad Doubles as a Laptop - take it along on your retirement tours

iPads are newspapers, internet and shopping all-in-one! Catch up on the news, get tickets for a tour and order some take-out from the deli down the block. Impress the grandkids!

Help Science with your Computer

make medical discoveries during retirement days

When I signed up with Folding@home, to join my computer with a worldwide network - in my downtime - I started helping the project "protein folding" to solve scientific problems, that can lead to medical cures.

This diagram illustrates the original bent 2-D shape of the protein, on the left, and its 3-D shape, after it has "folded" properly. The process of protein folding, illustrated here, is of - Chymotrypsin inhibitor 2.

The particular shape of each folded protein is being identified. Through the use of your computer connection, gamers work to identify what shapes a mutated protein might take, hence bringing science one step closer to solving some disease problems - MS and other degenerative nerve diseases.

Diabetes strikes more seniors than we can count, and approximately 30% of seniors who get diabetes, also suffer Peripheral Neuropathy - that dread companion to diabetes that causes so many seniors to suffer foot amputations. If you are feeling unfocused, having recently retired, a perfect solution for many retirees is to participate in the Supercomputer Protein Folding Project. You can do this too. Retirement Science Hobby

A Mac Makes Computing a Pleasure - for your golden years in the supercomputer folding project

Once you get started in the Supercomputer Folding Project you'll want this sleek portable station - a beautiful change from your old tired work PC.

Apple MacBook Air MC505LL/A 11.6-Inch Laptop (OLD VERSION)
Apple MacBook Air MC505LL/A 11.6-Inch Laptop (OLD VERSION)

The new MacBook Air has all the latest bells and whistles.

You'll love the light, thin, and strong unibody that can handle all your everyday tasks and then some, whether you're on the couch, in a lecture hall, or at a conference. It's mobility mastered.


Please Share Your Ideas for a Refreshing Retirement

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    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 

      5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Years ago, we checked on several retirement homes for an old aunt and I was amazed at these places. They are like 5 star hotels.

    • flinnie lm profile image

      Gloria Freeman 

      5 years ago from Alabama USA

      I retired early because of health problems and now work and play here on squidoo. Thanks for sharing.


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