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Grow Taller Exercises - How To Grow Taller Naturally

Updated on November 13, 2009

Grow Taller Exercises - How To Gain The Inches You Need

Grow taller exercises work even if your adolescence has come to an end and your natural growth stops. However, there are many ways to increase your growth. It can be done by stimulating the release of the growth hormone, by proper nutrition, proper sleep and a whole range of exercises and sports. I will show here a few grow taller exercises and sports that will certainly help you get the inches you need.

Being taller is a pretty sensitive problem for many people, even for those with an average height. Short people or people that think they are considered too short and are not very happy with their stature, tend to be uncertain and this can get worst, degenerating into huge inferiority complexes. As everyone is programmed genetically to achieve a certain height, most people stop their natural growth by getting contact with various human growth inhibitors or performing activities that require unhealthy positions of the body.

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Grow Taller Doing Exercises To Correct Your Posture

Good posture provides many physical and psychological benefits. A healthy posture is an important component for back health and a higher stature. It helps maximize your height not just because of the obvious reason that you are sitting and standing tall instead of slouching, but for other structural and physiological reasons as well.

There are quite a few posture Grow Taller Exercises, and the first to begin with would be "walking tall". Every time you are going somewhere walking, try to keep your spine straight, head high and your chin up. This will not only help you look taller, it actually stretches your spinal column discs, increasing their elasticity, and this way you'll be able to get, just by walking properly, up to a few inches in height.

Grow Taller Exercises - The Stretching Routine

You may have guessed, all the grow taller exercises based on stretching are focused especially to the spinal column. If you're about to start doing grow taller exercises, the first thing to do is putting together a certain routine. In this paragraph I will show a few grow taller exercises based on stretching.

Grow Taller Exercises - Hanging

Hanging relies strictly on gravity. It decompresses the your spinal column, lengthen and straighten the discs between your vertebrae, and this way you'll be able to gain height. All you need to do is just find a horizontal bar and hang on it for up to five minutes a day, gathering about 30 minutes per week. This will lengthen not only your spine, but also your arms and legs. For a better leg stretch, a good thing is to hang upside down. This way you'll obtain a maximum knee stretch and leg growth. The optimal upside down stretching is about 10 minutes per day, and if you have a special bar for that, 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening would be the best.

Grow Taller Exercises - Stretching moves

There are a few yoga positions centered only on stretching. The best and easiest grow taller exercises to practice with are the following:


You need to lie on the floor, face down, palms on the floor under the shoulders. Arch your spine backwards, pushing down and rising your chin as much as possible. Arch back as far as you can. Each repetition of this move must take to up to 30 seconds.

The bridge:

This is one of the grow taller exercises which starts with you lying on your back, with your knees bent. Grab your ankles, hold tight and push your hips up arching your spine. Lift up as much as possible. Repeat each move every 10 seconds.

The following grow taller exercises focus on stretching your spine the opposite way.

The hands on the head bow:

You need to put your hands behind your neck and bow forward stretching as much as possible. Bring your chin into your chest and try not to bend your knees.

The touch toes exercise:

It's another bow type move. As you are standing, stretch your arms as high above your head as high as you can, then bow forward touching your toes. Your knees must stay straight. Repeat this exercise every 2-3 seconds for a few minutes.

These are the most important grow taller exercises based on stretching. You can easily put together a routine just with these exercises and you will get a few inches for sure.

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Grow Taller Exercises - Sports

There are a few sports well-known for stimulating human growth. In this paragraph I will enumerate a few of them and describe how they help to grow taller.


This is the most common sport, known for stimulating a harmonious human growth. First of all, it reduces the impact of gravity on your body, reducing the tension between your vertebrae. This gives elasticity to your spinal discs allowing your spine to elongate. Swimming prevents backbone deformation, improves your posture and also the overall health. The best of the grow taller exercises are the breast stroke and crawl swimming styles. These exercises not only that will improve your height growth, they also help a lot in most of the torso and arm muscles.


This sport helps a lot the legs growth. To stimulate a better leg growth, keep your bike chair as high as possible. Even if it's going to be hard at the beginning, this helps the stretch of your knees, stimulating your leg bones to grow.

Beach Volley:

Most people think that you just need to be tall to play volleyball, and that this sport does not help the human growth, which is entirely wrong. Just the simple jumping while playing volley will increase the emission of growth hormone in your body and the stretching makes your arms, legs and spine to grow. Also, playing beach volley will expose your skin to the sunlight which stimulates your body to produce vitamin D, which has an important role in assimilating calcium and phosphorus into your bones.

Do Grow Taller Exercises Really Work?

You can improve your height quite nicely just doing grow taller exercises, without taking growth pills or any other desperate measures. Having a proper posture, making a daily stretching routine and play at least one of the sports I mentioned here. I managed to learn all about height and gain my additional 4 inches after using one of The Best Step-By-Step Programs For Growing Taller that was ever created.

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