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Gruve Personal Activity Monitor

Updated on April 11, 2013

Just What is the Gruve Personal Activity Monitor

Wifi Technology is becoming an important part of fitness these days.

There is no technology that can "make" someone eat right and exercise enough, but for those that desire to lose weight there is a lot of technology that can help to encourage the user to exercise and eat right.

These tools often provide, data collection and tracking so that you can see in a very real sense the historic exercise data and see how you can improve your exercise patterns. These tools don't do the exercise for you, but they give you the tools to improve your exercise, and the encouragement to do more.

Similar to the FitBit Ultra, the Gruve is another personal activity monitor that you can wear all day long to encourage you to "do more" throughout the day to keep your activity level higher and burn more calories during the day.

The Gruve may not be right for everyone, but if you need that little reminder to occasionally get up and move around a little bit, the Gruve could be the perfect solution for you.

**Intro Image Courtesy of Gruve on Amazon

Gruve at a Glance - Picture: One of the Gruve online displays

The Gruve Calorie Tracker
The Gruve Calorie Tracker

What does the Gruve DO?

The Gruve measures all of your activity each and every day. Specifically in the form of calories burned.

The Gruve gives the user a daily chart of physical activity, so you can clearly see over time if there are patterns to inactivity and address them. (example pictured above)

You can look at the display and get a running toal of calories burned for the month, week, day hour or even minute.

But the real highlight of the Gruve is the simplicity of the encouragement it gives. The Gruve has a color coding system. It has a green glow if you are doing sufficient activity and reaching your activity goals for the day, it is yellow if you are falling behind and it glows red if you are way behind and too inactive for too long of period of time.

But the Gruve does more than that.. The best thing I like about the Gruve is that it gives you a warning if you have been too inactive for too long of a period of time. If you have been sitting for too long doing nothing it will begin to vibrate. (Like a cell phone on vibrate). This tells you that you need to get up, do a quick stretch and perhaps walk for a moment or two. This periodic exercise keeps your heartrate and calorie burning at a slightly higher level throughout the day and can lead to better fitness before you even enter the gym or do any specific training.

The Gruve Calorie monitor
The Gruve Calorie monitor

Pros and Cons of the Gruve

The Pros of the Gruve:

Vibrate Mode: The Vibrate mode when you are falling behind in your daily activity is simple...but it is genius. In my opinion this is the key feature of the gruve. It gives you the immediate encouragement to get up and do more

Activity Monitor: The easy to see color coded activity monitor makes it simple to see if you are doing enough throughout the day. If you are not keeping your Gruve in the "green" status, you know you need to move around more to keep up.

Display: The display will give you a great graphical representation of the activity you have done. This can continue to give you a positive feedback and encouragement to do more.

Cons of the Gruve:

Data: For JUST calories burned, it may be one of the best activity monitors out there. But there are other activity monitors like the FitBit Ultra that simply give you more information. Like steps taken, distance traveled and even sleep patterns.

You need to want it: No "tool" will do the exercise for you, or keep you from overeating. It gives you reminders, but you still need to have the personal drive to get up and move for 5 minutes, and watch your food intake to really take advantage of this tool

Online applications: I have two problems with the online data. Like mentioned before, the fitbit website is more thorough. It gives you more data to view. The second thing I am not crazy about is the "one free year" of the online service. Many competing sites are free...forever. I expect this may change within the year, and I am unsure how much or how important the data will be after one year, but still, this is certainly a small negative.

The Gruve Personal Activity Monitor

** Get a personalized Caloric Burn Rate display

** Get encouragement to meet your daily fitness goals

** Real time feedback with the colored light system

** Vibration let you know if you are being to sedentary

** Easily works with all computers

** Free gruve guide and access to Gruve online for 1 year

This tool is a great encouragement to move more often, and lose a lot more weight

Gruve Personal Activity Monitor, White/Gray
Gruve Personal Activity Monitor, White/Gray

Most people are far to sedentary. Regular visits to the gym are great, but by simply moving MORE throughout the day, we can get as much extra calories burned as a gym visit.

Even better than that, energy is converted to fat while we are too sedentary. This tool helps to short circuit that process, by keeping your average actively level higher each and every hour.

This is a great way to keep your average calories burned each and every day higher without even needing to visit the gym. (Of course adding a gym visit makes it even better).

Anyone with an office job is likely too sedentary. Having this tiny encourager will help you ensure that you keep that minimum movement going keep your metabolism engine rolling at a slightly higher rate throughout the day.


The Gruve works very well when used in conjunction with the Meal Portion Control Tool.

One to keep your Calories burned up, the other to keep your Caloric intake down.

What do you think of the Gruve?

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    • Camden1 profile image

      Camden1 5 years ago

      The Gruve sounds great - I like the simplicity of it.