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Guide to Immortality 2

Updated on November 26, 2014

Guide to Immortality 2

I know what you are thinking. I didn't see the first movie so I am never going to figure out the sequel. Well, this is not a movie. This is your life. You are going to die.

Unless you get a clue.

Guide to Immortality 1 is basic. Guide to Immortality 2 is intermediate level.



The image is of Gilgamesh and his pet lion.

image source: Samantha from Indonesia

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

The Most Important Thing

People don't plan to fail. They fail to plan.

(or worse, they have a bad plan)

MIssing Capsules

I took out all the Amazon books and the one eBay product because the HubPages style tip hassle bot would give me no peace no matter how I spaced them. And for the life of me, I cannot find the setting for number of products which the hassle bot suggested.

The Immortalists [mirror]


This is the logo of the German Society of Anti-Aging Medicine. I'm glad to know that a professional asociation of physicians (certainly not the AMA) are headed in the right direction.

Against the Seductions of Trans-humanism: - Responsibility for the Human Future

Advocates of the use of technology often take the title of "trans-humanists" and seek both to advance human flourishing even while altering human "nature." Not surprisingly, this has provoked responses from thinkers keen to preserve and protect human life from technological intervention. Arguments have been made among philosophers ranging from those who see human

limitations as part and parcel of any true form of moral excellence (Leon Kass) to those who focus on the intersubjective demand not to impose our will on future forms of human life because that imposition would violate the liberty of "made" human beings (Jurgen Habermas). Matters are more complex from a Christian theological perspective. Christians believe in a redeemed and transformed condition for human beings under the power of divine grace. Is perfected human existence Christianly understood a kind of "trans-humanism?" This lecture explores the seductions of trans-humanism, technological and Christian, and fashions a theological ethical response that is both thoroughly Christian and also humanistic. It argues against the moral and religious "seductions" of trans-humanism in the name of responsibility for a truly human future

Visiting Scholar William Schweiker at Millsaps College: - "Against the Seductions of Trans-humanism"

On September 20, 2011 Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar William Schweiker visited Millsaps College to present "Against the Seductions of Trans-humanism." The visit was sponsored by the Alpha of Mississippi chapter of Phi Beta Kappa.

Keeping Life Human: - Biology and Human Dignity - Pt1

Leon R. Kass, University of Chicago, offers a series of three seminars at Princeton University

Part 1: "A More Perfect Human: The Promise and Peril of Modern Science"

Leon R. Kass, M.D., Ph.D., is the Addie Clark Harding Professor in the Committee on Social Thought and the College at the University of Chicago, Hertog Fellow in Social Thought at the American Enterprise Institute, and former Chair of the President's Council on Bioethics.

(Nov 6, 2006 at Princeton University. Presented by the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions)

Interview with Alcor member David Croft

Interview with Alcor member David Croft

"Many of my atheist, humanist, objectivist, and immortalist friends do not have children. I recommend that you have them if you can. Children are blessings we give to ourselves."

Editor's Note -- well that's one view. Some love children dirty diapers and all. Some want a child to fluff their ego as a mini-me. Some don't give a damn about overpopulation. Some don't want the inconvenience of children and go childless. Some have nurses, au pairs, nannies and governesses and then send their children off to boarding school. Some (cat lady) collect pets instead of children like Angelina Jolie and Mia Farrow. Some beat their kids. Some use children to accessorize. Most men have children because their DNA ordered them to have children and men are mindless beasts, sex fiends and rapists. (Okay that was my ex. Not all men are bad. Just most.) Most women have children because their biological clock is ticking and their eggs are getting old. Children are blessings when there are two people on Earth - Adam and Eve. Seven billion later, not so much. My children are angels. Yours are devils. Some people are immortalists and don't see the point of having children since there is no need for replacements or perpetuating the human race in an immortalist society. Some think only I, Toni Roman, has fully thought out the ramifications of a perpetual eternal society and an immortal human race. Those people are geniuses. I think I have considered every possible position except one more obvious one: David Croft may be concerned that as a tiny minority that it is a practical matter for immortalists to grow in number. Not sure why he appealed to "blessings". Maybe he is a Christian like me. God forbid.

Having Yourself Frozen with Cryonics Should Be A Last Resort - but if you must don't be cheap and freeze only your head

Here is why--

1. People will poke you in the eye like in The Three Stooges. I have never understood why guys find that funny but then I'm a gal.

2. You will be fed like a goldfish like in that episode of Futurama.

3. People will do unspeakable things that I cannot print (use your imagination) when you have no arms or legs to defend yourself.

I keep thinking of that scene in Fringe when one of the shape shifters threw frozen heads on the ground to unthaw, die and rot after he killed workers at a cryonics facility.

Okay with the morbid humor out of the way, here is a serious reason why tossing away your body is a bad idea: Your memory is you and it is not just stored in your head. True, if the soul is anywhere, then it is in our heads/skulls/craniums. But not all of it. We are whole beings. That is, the whole is more than the sum of the parts. And all parts are very important. Even the humble "vestigial" appendix enables the body to reboot its pro-biotic intestinal flora after antibiotic therapy has wiped the friendly E. coli and other friendly germs out of our system. Not all germs are bad. Just most. Only a few short years ago, surgeons would routinely toss a damaged spleen since doctors did not know what useful function it performed. The spleen is our organ of regeneration. Our knee caps make certain of our cells. After millions of years of evolution, the human body wastes no space. People think that soaking your hands too long in warm dishwater makes them soak up water through osmosis and become wrinkled. The truth is that scientists have found out that it is a reflex that only occurs on fingers and toes to allow us to get a grip on slippery surfaces. An evolutionary and survival advantage. Whether you believe Mother Nature selected this stuff through evolution or God is the intelligent designer does not matter for the purpose of this module. What matters is that in the words of the Bible we are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). Those transhumanists who are in a rush to jettison millions of years of the brilliance that went into making the human body are fools in my humble opinion. To become a gadget and lose your humanity when we are still at this late date in the 21st Century still finding out new and amazing things that the human body can do; well that is just stupid. Focus all you like on the frailties and flaws of the human body but that very weakness is what forced us to be the top species. We had to improve our health or live short brutish lives.

We had to become smarter or die. A week ago, I would have said that advances in artificial intelligence and supercomputing will demote the human race to being servants of the machines or exterminated if the machines decide we are threats. The transhumanists will, of course, shove implants up their brains so that machines will be able to hack them more easily and I hope these transhumanist Frankensteins come with an off switch like C3PO.

I no longer am certain that IBM's Watson is the last time that humans can "keep up" with supercomputers as far as speed. I will leave my reasons and my evidence for another time. I am no longer certain that AI will out-think us. There are ways to out-think artificial intelligence but only if we humans stop being stupid. I do not refer only to that old saw about humans only using one (1%) percent of their brains.

And not only are we not using the brain in our heads, it turns out that we have brains and memory elsewhere.

Aluminum In Food

When I am in supermarket aisles, I read labels and I have noticed that articles confirm what my own reading of labels told me. Aluminum is being added to foods that formerly did not have it. One supposes that aluminum companies want to make more money and so their salespeople are saying that it not only makes wiring but snack food too. They probably saw the fructose and artificial sweetener suppliers selling their poison and figured that us big dumb Americans will accept any poison added to their junk food.

Things That Contain Aluminum



pie crusts


frozen waffles

prepared meat

baking powder (and supermarket items that have it as an ingredient)

some brands of self-rising flour (anti-caking agents)

some brands of salt (anti-caking agents)

processed cheese

processed grain products

grain-based desserts


anti-caking agents in dry powders

colloidal mineral water

tap water in cities that flocculate the water (my city prints and sends a report on the water that goes to every home)

some vaccines (not all)

cooking utensils made of aluminum

beverage cans

anti-acids (you are better off with the acid)

aluminum foil

anti-perspirant deodorant (aluminum compounds)

some hand lotions

most cosmetics


Most Americans are deficient in the following essential minerals: magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, and zinc. Aluminum is not required by the human body. On the contrary, aluminum can interfere with absorption of iron and cause other mineral deficiencies. Aluminum can cause respiratory problems and of course you have probably heard that aluminum is under deep suspicion as a factor in Alzheimer's disease. That should make the hair of any immortalist stand on end! Horsetail grass and chelation therapy remove heavy metals like aluminum from the body but consult your physician first.


Remember that the Obama Administration is still repairing eight years of the Bush Administration's dismantling consumer protection. The days when Commissioner David Aaron Kessler fought like a tiger for consumers at the FDA is long gone. And Chief Justice Roberts has only made one pro-consumer decision in his entire career as a judge. So you, the health consumer, are on your own. I do what I can but I am neither the Surgeon General, the FDA Commissioner nor your physician.

And about your physician, chose a preventive medicine specialist who is paid to keep you well. Let's face it, most other types of doctors you only see when you are sick. Therefore, there is a financial incentive for them to keep you sick or injured. I'm not accusing them of wrong doing but facts are facts. The financial incentive exists for non-preventive medicine physicians. While on the subject, it is too bad that people other than billionaires cannot afford to consult safety engineers to make their lives safer and prevent injuries. It would complement what preventive MD's are doing.



Death is the #1 killer in the world today.

Reinventing Dentistry

According to some research, poor dental health means that germs proliferating in the mouth depress the health of the rest of the body because the mouth is the gateway. Food, air and water all go down the throat.

Dentists do an abysmal job of developing alternatives to the usual extraction.

Apnea and Snoring

Sleep medicine is one of the most neglected areas of health care. Seeing how most people die in their sleep, one would think that research on curing sleep apnea and snoring would be a priority.

I just learned that sleep apnea leads to cancer, heart disease and diabetes because it lowers the body's oxygen level. Therefore, despite movies and television entertainment making fun of snoring, in fact it is not funny in any way, shape or form.

Traditionally the way to deal with snoring is for the snorer to be ignored and allowed to slowly die and for the wife of the snorer to suffer, lose rest and go deaf. Does this make sense to any rational person?


One Way to Stop Snoring

This will end sleep apnea permanently.

And, with sufficient infestation, it will also end the human race too. Good thing that this is only a Hollywood nightmare.

How cute and cuddly.

According to the Alien movies, this is the actual cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Okay, moving from one bit of inappropriate humor (my favorite kind) to another . . .

Actually a Facehugger Is One Solution

We're talking of course about a CPAP.


image source: PruebasBMA

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

As We All Know

only men snore

Sleep Apnea Can Be Dangerous

It Is a Serious Medical Condition - Not Simply One of Life's Inconveniences

Sleep Apnea and Snoring Is a Preventable Condition

an alternative - to facehuggers and CPAP

Mess with them while they are sleeping.

I think that pinching their nostrils is pointless since they need to be nose breathers and not Neanderthal mouth breathers. Therefore, I personally go for a hard slap across their face. When they wake up, you lie and tell them that they had a nightmare.

Of course, the downside of this is that eventually they will figure out that a stinging face, ringing ears and your handprint on their face when they look in the mirror adds up to your slapping them awake. Then they will mess with _YOU_ while you are asleep. You could wake up in the middle of a busy freeway and, assuming you survive this experience, be told that you were sleepwalking. (Another Ambien-related incident.)


So after trying to kill each other or putting up with facehuggers, maybe you should wake them the second they start to snore or nudge them into turning over to stop the snoring and then you both continue to sleep.

The one thing that neither snorer nor spouse of snorer should do is put up with the snoring because it will cause brain damage and then the spouse becomes the nurse of an invalid. It is incredible but otherwise rational people will do everything except what they should do -- Stop the snoring or seek medical help. Duh!!!


accidents -- most people think of cars and other vehicles because most people are aware of the slaughter on the nation's highways but beyond vehicles, aircraft, boats and other transportation, accidents can happen anywhere. At work, at home, at school, at play and even in the hospital.

toys -- Toys can kill children. Most babies are more fascinated by the box it came in anyway. You want them to use and develop their imaginations? And you want to save money too? So don't give your children toys.

electrical hazards -- If a worker or a sign says that something can shock you and so not to touch it, don't touch it unless you are on the shallow end of the gene pool and want to help cull idiots out of the human gene pool. This is a laudable goal.

fire -- It spreads faster than we realize. Learn to not accidentally start fires and also learn how to best extinguish them.

guns -- The NRA wants to put guns in the hands of every vegetable, sociopath and psychotic. I have hunted animals and have family members who are licensed gun owners. I will spare you the details but both experiences have left me no longer worshiping guns like Pierre LaWayne does. The argument that we need guns to protect ourselves from the government is a compelling one. I don't trust the government at all but no matter how much we are armed to the teeth, if they want to get us, they can. They have contract killers. They have a complete lack of ethics [Government would rather use drones to kill American taxpayers than due process of arresting, trying, and execution by firing squad for treason.] They have tanks, helicopter and fighter planes. The other argument for guns is to stop a home invader. Myself, I would go further and stop a trespasser on my property -- but I do not hear the NRA talking about that because they are really on the side of the hunter (who can kill you during hunting season for going out on your porch) and don't care about the home owner who gets murdered by a hunter. There is no prosecution in such cases. Self-defense? Again, I have no problem with killing in self-defense but I am not going to follow an unarmed child home and then commit premeditated murder. The time to kill someone who is trying to kill you is when they are trying to kill you not minutes, hours or days later -- as in some domestic cases. And again, I just don't care for the extreme NRA position because I know Pierre LaWayne is pimping for the gun manufacturers. As it is, Michael Moore is right that the USA is awash with guns and to the rest of the world, the USA is a laughingstock. Canada has readily available guns but little gun violence because Canada is not a fear-ridden racist country like the USA. Again, Michael Moore is right about that too. Sad to say. If he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword, then Pierre LaWayne should be looking over his callous shoulder in fear of the families of all the victims his policies have wrought. And those are my rather complex views on gun safety. By the way, the Constitution does not protect bullets and ammunition. Guns don't kill people. Bullets kill people.

nuclear safety -- ban fission, simply do away with the industry and make investors in fission lose all their money

motorcycle safety -- Who cares? A real immortalist would never ride a motorcycle. A personal anecdote: My first cousin used to have a motorcycle until she witnessed a few victims of motorcycle accidents. She swore off motorcycles. Motorcycles are for ephemerals not for immortalists. And if you did not know that this lens is for the eyes of immortalists, then you have not been paying attention. (Not paying attention is yet another reason to stay off motorcycles.)

pedestrian safety -- I was out walking the other day and met a fellow pedestrian who did not know that one always walks opposing traffic, at least when there are no sidewalks. This is so that you can see what is coming. Vehicles coming up behind you if you walk with the flow of traffic will simply think you are a speed bump and keep going. It is called hit and run. No jaywalking, especially coming out from between parked cars. And remember what they taught you in grade school: Stop, look (both ways, and listen. You never ever get past the basics.

insurance -- Insurance is great but it will not restore full function and health if one's stupidity results in injury or illness.

safety engineering -- We need more and better safety engineers and we need citizens who do not get complacent about their responsibility to be careful despite the safer world that the safety engineers create.

earthquakes -- Move to a place that does not have earthquakes. But learn from the Japanese and others who live in quake prone areas about how to prepare for a quake anyway and how to survive it. Even places that "do not have earthquakes" sometimes have earthquakes.

OSHA -- Do not whine about OSHA regulations. Cooperate fully.

workplace safety -- Find a safer job if your job is something dangerous like electrical power line repair, high steel, small aircraft pilot, logger (if you are cutting down redwoods and get injured, then you get what you deserve because you should not be cutting down trees that big and that old), and fisherman. Haven't most of us seen either that cable show about the deadliest catch or that movie The Perfect Storm? These are not jobs for immortalists. These are jobs for ephemerals and ephemerals accept the risk because they do not value their own lives. God bless them. The rest of us benefit by their sacrifices and so we should not disparage them. However, we can find safer work.

safety training -- Never ever miss an opportunity to receive safety training. Especially if such training is free.



I am surprised at the parents who let their children walk down streets with headphones or earbuds listening to music and stepping off curbs. Even if a driver honks their horn, the kid won't hear it in time. With all the laws against honking your horn, drivers are discouraged against using the horn for what it was intended -- safety.

The old adage was stop, look and listen. In a jousting match between a car and a pedestrian, the pedestrian always loses.


Crime Prevention

All the attention to exercise, better sleep habits, good nutrition and other basics of life extension and steps toward immortality won't do you a bit of good if you step out your door and some ephemeral who places no value on your life, their life or anyone's life, blows you away. This observation extends to war and bad leaders of nations who kill their own citizens but at least you can move to a more sane nation and get out of war zones like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Boston Massachusetts.

And Newtown Connecticut and Aurora Colorado. America has blue zones (you are supposed to know what those are if you read Guide to Immortality 1) but some immortalists might start shopping for a safer country in which to live. Eventually, of course, immortalists need to move to another planet altogether because ephemerals are nucking futs and obsessed with death and so it is not surprising that their governments see no problem with an individual here or an individual there getting caught in the crossfire between their SWAT teams and the terrorists -- they call it collateral damage, part of the price of them being the government and us being the governed. We call it our lives. Both ephemeral governments and the terrorists they cultivate in order to justify their Patriot Acts and other abolishments of the Bill of Rights, both groups are nucking futs. On a sane planet ruled entirely by logic, there would be no use of lethal force by police because why should a taxpayer pay taxes to be shot, no criminals because crime is illogical, and no war because war is stupid. Remove war and crime and you remove two major causes of death.

I really do not care that previous thinkers and previous activists and previous leaders have had little success in abolishing war and war crimes and terrorism and ordinary crime. In the world of business there are things called zero defects and quality and Six Sigma and systems management and systems engineering. There is no excuse for our so-called leaders in any nation that you care to name to mismanage this planet. It is pure incompetence and evil.

On the matter of evil, evil clearly exists and is palpable and tangible. It pervades the corporate world too when you have corporations like ExxonMobil and Koch Industries getting away with long criminal rap sheets and fighting even token efforts to reverse climate change (Why? They cooperated when ozone-destroying chemicals were banned.)

Crime is pervasive. Crime is institutional as well as individual. Violent crime should always result in life imprisonment and maybe a death sentence in order to remove violence from the gene pool. Nonviolent crime might be tolerated were it always the case that no death occurred but even a quick observation turns up the fact that a polluter who dumps poison into the air, soil or water directly kills people who consume that poison when they breathe it, eat it, drink it or shower in it. Poison will soak through your skin. It is up to immortalists to look after the human race as a child race because ephemerals are moral idiots. They get dollar signs in their eyes just as children see candy and don't consider diabetes. Money is great and immortalists need a lot of it in order to get the systems they need to live forever but money is a servant not a master. Dumping poison for profit is short-sighted because we live in a closed eco-system. No trash, no sewage and no exhaust really goes away. Trash at landfills contaminates ground water that you drink. When you flush pills or chemicals down the toilet, you cause pharma-pollution and give the wastewater treatment engineers in your county a headache because normal filtration does not remove certain chemicals. You are talking distillation and that is expensive even for Saudis who get their drinking water from salt water. That smoke or emission that you think blows away in the wind circles the globe and comes right back to you.

Why am I talking about environmental crimes in a section on crime prevention? Simple. Law enforcement is making some headway against ordinary violent crime -- despite the headlines. Those are outliers as statisticians say. But the worst environmental criminals are protected by members of Congress bought and paid for by corporate lobbyists. And their crimes kill thousands in the form of cancer.

I will make this simple so that everyone has no excuse -- Poison kills. Pollution causes cancer. Got it kids? Poison kills. Pollution causes cancer.

So why don't the ephemerals enforce the environmental laws? You already know because I told you above. It is up to us immortalists to provide leadership. This decision is both self-interest as well as altruism. Who would have thought that the two would ever become the same?

Ask any conservative: Is government badly run? Yes.

Ask any liberal: Will the government kill you if you don't have watchdogs and oversight? Yes.

This is simple people. We even agree on the basic facts. There is no excuse for not taking action.




There exist towns where people not only do not lock their doors (like on the sitcoms) but it does not even enter their minds that they should lock their homes. We are not talking about some fantasy Mayberry USA but real towns in the United States of America -- the world capital of gun-obsessed gun-toting crazy cowboys. I see no reason to provide you with a list of such towns. If you are a criminal, then I will not enable you. If you are an immortalist looking for a blue zone, then it will take you only a few seconds to use a search engine.

I encourage immortalists to move to towns where other immortalists already live because we need the critical mass for our movement to grow faster. Outside the USA, documentary moviemaker Michael Moore points out in Bowling for Columbine that non-Americans do not share Americans' paranoia and phobias.

In the illustration here is helpful information but Michael Moore makes a point that a lot of this is perception and culture. Now, I do not totally buy into the New Age notion that it is all Law of Attraction and consensus reality _BUT_ I do admit that there is something to it.

The Immortalists: - Charles Lindbergh, Dr. Alexis Carrel, and Their Daring Quest to Live Forever

David M. Friedman (Author)


A telomere is a region of repeating nucleotide sequences at each end of a chromatid which protects the end of the chromosome from deterioration or from fusion with neighbouring chromosomes. It not only is like the tag at the end of shoe laces, it literally is



Barbarians, savages, national leaders, CEO's of polluting companies, and other sociopaths have always committed mass murder and genocide. They actually think war and pollution are good things.

Civilized people have always wished for immortality and that healthy normal impulse is good, wise and sane. That wish for immortality drives progress. Now, for the first time in history, we can make immortality literally happen instead of consigning it to poetry and fantasy.

Eternal Life

Eternal Life is living forever and not dying. It is more than living to some arbitrary point, age 72 or age 100 or age 150 and then dropping dead. It is more than living longer than Methuselah to age 1000. It is more than living to age 10,000 or age 100,000 or age 1,000,000 (one million). It is more than living to age one billion or age one trillion. Think infinity.

Eternal Youth

Eternal life would not be much fun if we lived forever warehoused in old folks home where worthless children and gadget-addicted grandchildren never visited. Eternal life would not be much fun if we lived forever in nursing homes tied down to beds covered in bed sores and excrement because the nurses hate old people. Never mind that every stupid young person forgets they they will in turn grow old and sow what they reap -- neglect and the same fate.

Eternal life would not be much fun without eternal youth. Only national leaders and corporate criminals should be condemned to grow old and die in prison since people who start wars and allow pollution deserve the worst nighmares that society can dream up. The rest of us should benefit from advances in medical science, exercise and live an active life of work we WANT to do. This is not the crap we are forced to do by national leaders (die in meaningless wars and suffer climate change caused disasters) and by CEO's of polluting companies (asthma, cancer clusters, sick from tap water). In the near future, we will be able to choose work that we always wanted to do. At present, the fossil fuel and fission economy wipes out the good jobs. You may not be able to see the Big Picture but it is like the Butterfly Effect. One of these dinosaur companies steps on a promising company or two and the chain reaction is that you lose your house or your credit is ruined and another recession. Notice how they complain about windmills (The Dutch had them all over Holland) but not about oil derricks? We know which one pollutes and we know that the new clean industries are growing no matter how much the climate change deniers in the Republican Party try to bankrupt them.

Eternal Youth is coming. Whether the forces of death like it or not.

After Eternal Life and Eternal Youth, what will come next?

It Will Be A Cold Day in Hades Before . . .

It will be a cold day in H E L L before national leaders and CEO's of death industries (oil, coal, fission, weapons manufacturers, etc.) help you. So you have to empower yourself. Cryonics is one way.

Health and Beauty Aids

Nora Ephron used to say that the neck gives away aging -- no matter how good your face or legs look. She was worth listening to not only because she was a talented writer and director but because she looked great at 71 even though she was dying of pneumonia brought on by acute myeloid leukemia. She did not bother to tell anyone that she was dying except next of kin because that was her choice.

Despite the loss of someone who helped create such classics as Silkwood, When Harry Met Sally, and Sleepless In Seattle; there are a couple of things to be learned here. One is that seventy-year-olds used to look really bad but one can point out a number of famous 70+ actresses and actors and others who look great. Second is that Nora Ephron did not look that good by plastic surgery unlike many in Beverly Hills. [Despite being born in New York City and dying in New York City, she attended Beverly Hills High School.]

Anti-Aging Products

Resveratrol is the good part of grape juice and wine. Alcohol is the bad part. Go elsewhere if you want to read lies that praise alcoholic beverages.

Human Warehouse

Also known as the old folks home, assisted living facility, elder care, nursing home, convalescent hospital, rest home (as in rest in peace), retirement village, and senior center.

Of particular interest to the young, who cannot be bothered to visit, are the restraints to help along paralysis and bed sores. Occasionally one hears of nurses who think that they are helping by holding a pillow over the face of inmates of these death camps. Doctor Kevorkian would be so proud of his legacy of murder.

Toni Roman

"Retirement = death"

Chat Room

Editor's Note -- a first baby step toward an immortalist dating site. You might say it is in alpha not yet beta. Expect crickets or silence but invite someone. Keep promoting it and don't give up. Giving up is never an option for immortalists.

If you have any problems such as rude people, then click my contact hyperlink on this lens and I'll either contact the administrator or encourage others to set up another better chat room with moderators. Easier said than done but just ask if you need to . . .

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