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Guided Meditations and Ways to Relax

Updated on July 7, 2014

Guided Meditations - Your Way to Peace, Tranquillity and Life Balance

Life and living seems to get faster and faster. We are always looking for the fastest and most efficient way of doing anything. There are labour-saving devices for almost any task we undertake.

Sometimes life can seem to be a constant round of tasks, meetings, chores, deadlines, responsibilities and rules and regulations. It cna be easy for forget that life is about living and not just about existing.

A way to re-introduce balance into our life is to learn and then use a practice such as meditation. When you consider that in one form or another, meditation has been around and used for thousands of years there must be some benefits to using it otherwise it would have died out a long time ago

Setting the Conditions for Successful Meditations

To get the best from your meditation practice use these tips to make it as effective and relaxing as possible:-

1) Mentally tell yourself how much time you will spend in self hypnosis

2) If necessary have a watch or clock at eye-view that you can look at

3) Make sure you feel safe

4) Decide to sit in a nice chair or lie down

5) Be fussy about the position your body is in and use cushions or pillows to make sure your body is well-supported

6) If you want to have relaxing background music or if you prefer silence

7) Take your time and do not rush anything

8) Make sure all the telephones are switched off or have someone else willing to deal with them

9) Find a place to do your meditation where you know you can relax and feel comfortable

10) An indoor water feature may add to the right ambience

Meditation video

Please let me know you have stopped by my meditation lens

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