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Updated on May 11, 2009

What Is Habbatus Sauda (Nigella Sativa) ?

Nigella sativa L. ' Black cumin ' ( Ranunculaceae ) is one of the plants commonly used consequence Moroccan folk medicine for treatment of multifarious ailments including diabetes mellitus

Researchers retain evaluated the benefits of black seed oil prestige the treatment of many medical conditions, including cancer, arthritis, diabetes, liver damage, parasitic infections, bacterial infections, viral infections, asthma and other respiratory illnesses. Present was used historically thanks to a sadness reliever and latest research has supported this necessity, though the mechanism of ball game is unclear.

The Black Cumin ( Nigella sativa ) Seed contains a non - get-up-and-go polysaccharide component which is a of use source of dietary fiber.

Fifteen amino acids draw on up the protein content of the Black Cumin ( Nigella sativa ) Seed, including eight of the nine imperative amino acids. Chief amino acids cannot reproduce synthesized within our body rule effectual quantities and are inasmuch as required from our table.

Black seed contains Arginine which is necessary for infant advancement.

Chemical analysis has further unfurled that the Black Cumin ( Nigella sativa ) Seed contains carotene, which is converted by the liver into vitamin A.

The Black Cumin ( Nigella sativa ) Seed is again a source of calcium, indurate, sodium, and potassium. Required one shot command small-scale amounts by the body, these elements ' main function is to act considering needed cofactors guidance multitudinal enzyme functions.

The primary active ingredient force black cumin seed is crystalline nigellone. The substance was first identified and isolated for use in supplements in 1959. Other components with health benefits include amino acids, essential fatty acids, crude fiber, and minerals such as potassium, sodium, iron and calcium.

The plant has no relation to the stereotyped scullery herb, cumin. Infant and threatening, being no more than 3mm magnetism twist, black seed originates from the casual fennel flower plant ( nigella sativa ) of the buttercup ( Ranunculaceae ) family. Nigella sativa is sometimes mistakenly befuddled hold back the fennel herb plant ( Foeniculum vulgare ). The plant has finely divided foliage and yellowish bluish hot stuff or milky flowers. The flowers multiply terminally on its branches go the leaves get inverse each other dominion pairs, on either side of the stem. Its lower leaves are microscopic and petioled, and the uppermost leaves are elongate ( 6 - 10cm ). the stalk of the plant reaches a height of twelve to eighteen inches since its fruit, the black seed, matures. Nigella sativa is bisexual and forms a fruit pill which consists of myriad neutral triagonal seeds. Once the fruit tablet has enfeebled, real opens up and the seeds contained within are exposed to the air, becoming black power color ( black seeds ).


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    • profile image

      fatimah 2 years ago

      I do experience miscarriage and after that I will be told to go for evacuation I never do that so what I do is to mix two spoon of habatu sauda in worm water morning and night for two weeks believe me I will be fine and the blood and clot will move out peacefully alhamdulillah!!!

    • profile image

      HL 4 years ago

      Hi, does taking habbatus sauda help crohns patients? As far as I know dr says there's no cure for crohns.

    • profile image

      mohammad ali 4 years ago

      how much the habbatusaudi here in saudi arabia cause i need please share the prize if how much

    • profile image

      diallo 4 years ago

      can herbatusauda help in increasing a short persons human growth hormones and grow tall or taller...

    • profile image

      musa ibn Abbas 6 years ago

      How cani take administer the black seed oil

    • profile image

      ash-shifaa herbals 6 years ago

      Assalamaleikom all,

      the answer to all you may find on

    • profile image

      Rasheed 6 years ago

      I am suffering from yeast and diabetes how wil i use habattu sauda

    • profile image

      Ikhram 6 years ago

      Alahamdulillah for this site may Allah reward you all

    • profile image

      muhammad 6 years ago

      just less than 30 minutes ago i'm suffering from stomach pain that i don't even know which type, and then I immidiately take half(1/2) a tablespoon of mixture of habbatus sauda and honey. And i recover normally without any sight effect in less than 2 minutes. Hai! Alhamdulillah, i will keep using it for the rest of my life

    • profile image

      muhammad 6 years ago

      i just want to know more information about habbatus sauda but now i get them here, this site is helping for sure. Thank you very much. may almighty ALLAH reward you

    • profile image

      anas 6 years ago

      before always i have cold.after use of habba sauda i feelok

    • profile image

      Sunshine1961 6 years ago

      My sister is suffering from scarred lung(fibrosis),usually every morning she has to clear her throat to remove phlegm,but after taking a teaspoon of black seed oil in the morning and another teaspoon at night for about a week,the phlegm has since gone and that helps her breathing better .She is still taking them hopefully her lung could get better.

    • profile image

      abdulalim balarabe 6 years ago

      i am having problem of swelling of the carves of both legs. how can i use the habbatusauda to achieve relieve from the pain.thanks

      Abdulalim balarabe

    • profile image

      Tijan M Susoko 6 years ago

      hi am a herbalist dealing with harbal product in the gambia and i cure people with habbatusauda only and my uncle is having 7 clinics in the gambia.for what i understand about habbatusauda is that it cure any kind of illness except death saying of the prophet and i see the outcome of it.

      if you want u can contact on 00220 7479085 facebook

    • profile image

      Om Ahmad 6 years ago

      I treated infertility in me by taking a tea spoon of mixed crushed black seed and honey once a day every morning. 3 months later I fall pregnant. Amazingly enough my everyday migrain had also disapeared to never return. My son was born with a bone displasia (he was diagnosed at 3 months old). I gave him crushed black seed and honey with his bottle of milk everyday until he was one year old. He was due then for another X-ray of all of his bones to determine the type of dysplasia. The doctors said the x-ray now show no signs of any bone dysplasia, all previous signs have been resolved. The doctor told me "look you can call it whatever you want, call it a miracle if you like but the boy is completely normal now." Thanx to Allah for this blessed seed. Mashalah.

    • profile image

      TinkboX 7 years ago

      Do you know of any other Moroccan Folk remedies?

    • profile image

      arofah 7 years ago

      Thank you very much for the sharing. very helpful.

    • profile image

      Abduza 7 years ago

      Can Habbaustus Sauda care diabetes(frequent urinating especially during the night time and how does it cost in the Gambia. your answer will be helpful.Thanks

    • profile image

      SDH 7 years ago


      Can Habbatus Sauda help or cure Anxiety, Panic-Attacks, Tremors etc..? Appreciate your comments on this.

      Thank you.

    • profile image

      Wien 7 years ago

      Can Habbatussauda cure the people with ovarium cyst?Eventhough the doctor's said there's no more medicine's way to cure it.Thank you for the answer.

    • profile image

      hans 7 years ago

      hi in response to the question of whether habbatus sauda can cure all diseases including multiple sclerosis the answer is yes it can cure all diseases and sicknesses except death . within this natural product it has properties which if used in the right way can do as what the prophet muhammed (saw) informed his companions many hundreds of years ago . as muslims we believe he was a prophet from the Almighty and he was sent to give us news from God and so when he said that there is cure in this product for every disease except death we accept it even though we cannot prove as yet but i am sure with proper research some amazing discoveries are going to be found about this product. already the scientists have started to investigate and already they have started to become excited so within a few years we hope that this product will come to be life saver for mankind , but don't forget that the cure is still from God.

    • profile image

      n y 8 years ago


      i've heard that Habbatus Sauda (Nigella Sativa) can cure all kind of disease,except death..

      so,i want to know, can it help to cure people with multiple sclerosis disease which from what i know, until today, there is no cure for it..?

    • profile image

      Kayz 8 years ago


      Can Black seed oil or seeds help with weight loss? and if yes, then how?


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