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8 tips to avoid hair loss for healthy hair

Updated on December 25, 2010

Hair loss talk has turned out to be a wide problem in health care. The simple reason is that people don’t find time to maintain their hair in this busy world where breakfast and lunch is consumed on the move. Caring for your hair is like caring for your baby... why?? Because our hair is very soft, fragile and needs care like a baby. You try to be good to a baby it smiles and shines. It’s the same with your hair. If you be good to your hair it’s shine, bounce in joy and is always soft and welcoming. But instead if you don’t care for a baby it gets sick and is bad to see. Same with your hair…

Hair fall and premature white hairs are like siblings. Each is a cause of one another.

Here are some easy tips to Hair Care -

1.Remove stress

Constant stress can always lead to excess hair loss. Not just because of work, but also stress due to family issues. Find a way to solve the problems to avoid stress. And always sleep on the right time and sleep for at least 8 hours.

2. Avoid canned foods

Canned foods contain lots of preservatives, most of which contains harmful salts that affect the hormone imbalance and also the metabolism of our digestion. So always buy organic food and cook it yourself to avoid these problems

3. A gooseberry a day

A gooseberry a day will keep the hair fit, shiny and most of all to the natural color of your hair. Trust me on this. It’s got the best vitamin supplements for hair replacement as well as for growing healthy long and strong hair.

4. Yogurt for soft hair

Yogurt has lots of lacto agents that fortify your hair. Once in a week, apply yogurt half an hour before shower. You’ll notice the change instantly after shower.

5. Wet hair and towel

Never ever try to wipe a wet hair with a towel instantly. It’s advised to use a blower, but without turning on the heat. If it all you want to use the towel, be gentle. Treat it as if you are wiping a feather.

6. Safe combing

whenever you comb your untidy hair make sure you use a wide toothed comb first to remove the locks of you have a long hair and the then use the fine toothed comb for smooth and break free hair.

7. Use of hair dryer

Maintain a distance of 3o centimeters from your hair and your dryer if you are blowing with heat. In winter it’s not advised to use hair dryer. There’s no specific reason for why it happens but hair breaks easily. So avoid dryers in winter.

8. Monsoon care

Take a shower as soon as you get wet in rain. Because you never know, you might have some chemicals on your hair due to polluted rain. As you know our environment is highly polluted already, it’s better to wash it after getting wet in rain.

Don’t go out with a free hair in monsoon because moisture is your enemy. It’ll gradually weaken your hair. So it’s best advised to tie up your hair to your desired style and walk out.

Trim your hair for winter. Winter is the time of the year you will face hair breakage. To avoid hair breakage or split ends trim your hair.

Finally, maintain a data sheet on your hair growth statistics. It allows you to know the improvement or deterioration of your hair. Make necessary changes according to the results. Sooner you will see a change in the way your hair grows. Also keep in mind a normal human sheds around 60 hairs a day. So don’t panic if you see some hair falling in the morning on your bed and pillow. What else to say… Good luck and ask your doubts in the comments section.


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