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Why hair loss! & to do list.

Updated on June 18, 2011

Facts about hair loss


Why men lose their hair?

Our hair is our crowning glory. We all want that our hair shines, looks healthy as well groomed. Having a head full of hair is a big deal because it makes men/women look younger and beautiful. Almost all men suffer the effects of hair loss when they reach the age around of 30. We all love our hair and try to take care of it in some level. Sadly, this condition slowly progress onwards and you may end up losing it

Women lost their hair are because of hormonal imbalances, stress and illness and poor diet. It may be for genetic reason or for using bad quality of product. Dihydrotestosterone is one reason that causes to lose hair for men. Although this reason is genetic, but still it isn't out of control, you can definitely do something to stop balding by taking medical care. So we can see that. Control stress. The fact is that stress is not only a reason for loosing your hair it is also bad for overall health. So manage your stress carefully for better health and better hair and better skin as well.

There are also some reason that can cause your hair loss aside from stress are severe dieting, eating disorders, anemia, blood loss, malnutrition, hypothyroidism, certain medications, and after going through a major operation

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What can I do?

At first, determine the real problems behind your hair loss. Visit any reliable specialist.

Eat healthy & take protein

Protein has elements which will aid in the fast growth of your precious mane. So eat foods that are rich in protein for example, yogurt, eggs, beans and soy. Or you can take necessary tablets too. Oily and fatty foods should be avoided. Right amount of protein is needed to make you hair grow stronger.


Start living a healthy lifestyle. You'll see a dramatic change soon. Have plenty of rest and sleep which will cut out and reduce stress. Excess of drinking and smoking should also be avoided as they contain chemicals that make our body intoxicated.

Choose right shampoos and hair products.

Do a research before you selecting shampoos or other hair products. Take an expert advice. Go for natural product which is the best products that you must purchase A lot of products are available in market place but some of them are significantly useless and dangerous. If you are not sure or feel confuse about what shampoo to use, look for organic ones.

Use hair care products which contain Mira oils and herbal product also good for hair. Mira Oil contains various herbs that aid in faster hair growth.

Get reliable hair growth products

Make sure that before taking or using any kind of product consult a doctor or specialist. Products for hair loss is to stop the most common cause is androgenetic alopecia or commonly known as male pattern baldness. Provillus and Procerin are two products that work well to reverse hair loss. There are also other tablets which will help your hair grow back.

Permanent Hair Growth Solution

Hair transplant treatment or replacement surgery has become more popular and well-known with the advancement in modern medical technology and surgical equipment. By this type of treatment you can quickly get a boost and have a positive influence on your life as a whole. Some people choose transplant as a permanent hair loss solution because modern hair transplantation process can give you natural looking results. By this surgery most of the people feel better about them and become more confident.

So my friends don't be a victim of this unusual condition. Take necessary steps when your hair starts falling. Hope you'll be able to enjoy a much stronger and thicker hair. Hope you all like my hub and if you think, I miss any point then please leave a comment. Let you know, I will take care of it.

hair growth and fall cycle

Hair life cycle
Hair life cycle | Source


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    • profile image

      Drug-Addiction-Hotline 5 years ago

      I'm 27 and i'm losing my hair pretty fast already. Everytime i check up the sewer after shower all i see is a bunch of hair. What can i do?

    • profile image

      foxcat 6 years ago

      hiding baldness is a very challenging task. See the best concealing hair loss tips to hide baldness. Its very challeging and njoyable nd fun.Also have beautiful thick hair with thick hair tips

      there are many hair coloring tips which can help us in hiding the gray hair or give teenagers good smart hair highlights to float around and flaunt their sexinesss

    • profile image

      leonmardo 6 years ago

      very effective