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handguns and safety

Updated on September 24, 2009

Is your gun scured safely

Do you keep a gun around the house? Is to protect you and your family? Did you realise that of all the guns which are kept in private homes for self protection, the vast majority will kill someone known to the gun owner rather than an unknown assailant. Most guns in the home are totally unsecured; in fact the majority of them are also kept loaded. It’s frightening that so many lethal weapons are easily available.

Probably the better part of two hundred million firearms in the USA, are in the hands of civilians. At least sixty million of those are handguns.

Many teenagers have said that if they wanted to, they could easily gain access to a gun stored in the house without their parent’s knowledge. Kids see guns all the time in the media, their heroes use them, it’s only natural they would be fascinated by them. If they get the chance they’ll want to handle them. If that handling is done under supervision, and involves training in gun safety, all well and good. If it happens by accident unsupervised and maybe furtively, it could be a tragedy in the making.

Most juvenile gun fatalaties happen around the home

Did you know that the majority of juvenile fatalities resulting from the unintentional discharge of a firearm happen in the victim’s home or the home of a family member or friend?

It’s a tragedy of modern life that so many young people take their own lives, what’s worse is those who choose to use a gun to end their life, succeed more often then the ones who take a drug overdose. Statistically, teenagers between the ages of 15 and 19 who live in a home where there are guns will be more than 5 times more likely to commit suicide.

Secure your handgun

So if you really feel you must have a handgun in the house, make sure you get training in all aspects of gun safety and teach your kids to respect guns and be to fully aware of the consequences of fooling around with potentially dangerous items. Better still make sure your gun is secure at all times. Get a handgun safe, they are readily available in various styles and are very secure thanks to the advances in technology. Many of them feature touch pad locking systems along with tamper indicators so you know if someone tried to gain unauthorised access to your gun. Some models also have motion detectors built into them for added security. Don’t let your kids become a news headline get a handgun safe


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