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6 Tips for Women to start the New Year Out the Happy Way!

Updated on August 12, 2012

The New Year is approaching fast and fierce.In order for you to feel happy, you have to move and grow. Simply put, you have to take your life to a new level. Example: Are you a good mom? Then what can you do to become a better mom. Are you a great dancer? Then what extra moves could you learn to become even greater? Are you doing really well in your career? Then what can you do to implement new business decisions or ideas to further your career?

Okay I think you get the picture. Whatever you think you are good at, or maybe not so good at, what exactly can you do to make it better?

What are you passionate about? What are your dreams and goals? Ladies, what do you want out of life? Be clear, specific, and write them down.

Here are 6 MUSTS to start out the New Year correct

1. Simply decide to be happy. To be happy is YOUR choice.
2. Be true to who you are. Be happy with who you are.
3. Be comfortable and creative in your own skin. Literally!
4. Remember and acknowledge strong and inspiring moments in your life and embrace them. These moments will help you create new moments in your life.
5. You have to take steps toward your goals. Every single step you take toward your goals will give you feedback on your direction. Whatever you do, keep moving. Movement is life. Movement is an element of happiness.
6. Remember: You are beautiful. Your worth as a woman is priceless. It’s the truth!

Have a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year. Embrace life, embrace your beauty, love others, give, show gratitude, and love yourself. Celebrate all the magnificent things and people who are a part of your life.


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