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Heads Up for Parents: Effective Treatment for Head Lice

Updated on September 13, 2014

What are Head Lice?

If you have school age children, you have probably had to deal with head lice at least once. If not, consider yourself lucky. Head lice are pesky little bugs that like to infest human hair. They feed by drinking blood from the scalp.

Head lice also lay eggs at an astounding rate. A female louse can lay up to 100 eggs, called nits, over a 6 day period. Don't worry. While lice are a nuisance, they rarely cause harm.

While it is believed by many that dirty, unwashed hair will attract lice, it is not true. Lice love to make their home in clean tidy hair. Lice can be spread by sharing combs and brushes, hats, and clothing.

How do you get rid of headlice?

There has to be a better way!

There are treatments for head lice. You can buy products like Rid in any pharmacy, but I have found that these products are not very effective. My daughter has had lice several times since she started school. I have used Rid and similar products, but they do not work quickly.

We would have to repeat the process several times to eliminate the lice and nits. Thanks to my resourceful mother in law, we have found a better solution. She researched head lice treatments online and shared with us what she learned.

Tea Tree Oil

A Much Better Head Lice Treatment

Tea Tree Oil is the better solution for head lice. This oil is normally found in creams, ointments, lotions, soaps, and shampoos. It is also used for problems such as acne, athlete's foot, and dandruff. What does this have to do with treating head lice, you might ask. Let me tell you. Tea Tree Oil, when mixed with regular baby shampoo, is a very effective treatment for lice.

You can buy tea tree oil in any pharmacy for about $5.00. You'll even find it near the normal lice treatments. A bottle will last you a long time. Only a small amount is needed for each treatment.

Simply add a capful of tea tree oil to a small amount of baby shampoo. I usually use a travel size bottle filled 3/4 of the way full. Add one to two capfuls of tea tree oil and shake well. Apply to wet hair in the bath. Rub the shampoo in thoroughly and let sit for 5 - 10 minutes. Rinse as normal. Comb through hair with a nit comb, the same as you would with traditional lice treatments, to remove any remaining lice and nits.

Be sure to wash all bedding, stuffed animals, hats, clothing, etc to prevent re-infestation. Also, it's a good idea to vacuum floors, couches, and even your car to completely eliminate lice and nits.

While there is no way to completely rid lice from your home forever, you now are armed with the information you need to keep the inconvenience to a minimum.

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    • profile image

      Didge 5 years ago

      What a great lens: Many thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      SolarFeline 9 years ago

      Another good lens! Thank you. Went through this two years ago with both my children (on and off for about a year). Tried everything under the sun. Got so fed up doing laundry, bagging stuff, picking thru their hair daily, etc. The stuff you get in the drugstore DEFINITELY does not work - the lice become immune to it. The one thing that finally worked for us was a perscription from the doctor. I believe it was called Ovid (?). Finally got rid of them for good. If all else fails - try that.

    • profile image

      tdove 10 years ago

      Thanks for joining G Rated Lense Factory!