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Headache Relief

Updated on January 12, 2012

What Kind of Headache Do You Have?

You'll feel pressure between your eyebrows and above and below your eye sockets if you have a sinusitis headache. Migraine pain is more severe and covers a larger area. A sharp, stabbing sensation on one side of the head, especially around the eye, usually indicates a cluster-style headache. Tightness around the scalp or neck points to a tension headache.

Hot and Cold Relief

A steamy hot towel and a gel cold pack are sometimes all you need to knock out headache pain. Always apply heat at the first sign of a tension headache.

A cold gel pack against your forehead may help banish a migraine. You might boost the effect if you imagine your hands becoming warmer at the same time you apply the pack. If the headache progresses, apply the gel pack or a washcloth-covered ice pack to the spots where you feel pain.

Give Your Headache the Brush-Off

To keep headaches at bay, brush your scalp daily to improve blood circulation, says biophysicist Harry Ehrmantraut, Ph.D. The technique can also help you banish headache pain.

Use a good natural-bristle hairbrush or shower brush with rounded-tip bristles. Beginning at your temples, move the brush in half-inch circles and work your way down. Then do the opposite side. Next, bring the brush just left of the center of your scalp and work down, using half-inch circles. Finish by brushing the area just right of the center of your scalp.

Press Here for Headache Relief

If you can catch a headache-in-the-making, acupressure can serve you well. Experiment with each of these points so you can discover which ones work the best for you. Although some of these points are not on or near the head, they can be equally effective, say acupressure experts.

In the beginning, you may find that the specific "headache points" are very tender, so start gently. Don't press hard enough to hurt yourself. Keep the pressure steady for about 20 seconds and let up gradually. Most points have a partner on the opposite side of the body. Be sure to work both.

Rub the Trouble Right Out

Massage can be an enjoyable addition to your arsenal of headache fighters. The massage should be deep enough to stimulate circulation in the arteries and capillaries of the scalp muscles. You can reach the main artery that supplies the scalp by working the point just in front of where the upper ear attaches to the scalp. You can also focus on the trapezius muscle, a triangle-shaped muscle that begins behind your neck and drapes over your shoulder blades. If you're on your own, knead and squeeze the muscles behind your neck.


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