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Head vs. Heart

Updated on January 23, 2017

Head Vs. Heart

It's always in the back of my mind lately; the battle of the head versus the heart. What truly makes a person operate inside and how do they deal with inner turmoil?

Have you ever made a choice and then wondered what had caused that certain decision to take place? The mind can be tricky to some. Between the “what if's” of previous actions and thoughts, the over analysis produced in the brain can be a bit over active at times. It can also produce fear, instilling in a person second thoughts or doubt. However, the mind produces logic, whit and rationality as well. In a matter of seconds, the human mind may be able to sort through a list of pros and cons pertaining to the situation present. It's wild how quickly a stream of thoughts, ideas and emotions can run through a person in a just few minutes when caught in the motions of ones own head. The power of the mind is immense and will forever play a huge role in how we process information and develop and/or sustain our decision making as we grow older. The intelligence and common sense that the brain emanates are two very powerful tools needed when determining a final judgment to be made.

“Follow your heart” is a phrase I'm sure everyone has heard during their lifetime. The heart is thought to be pure and is that gut feeling often referred to. This romanticized idea of a more light and airy sense of making a decision, seems to be that little voice within ourselves both wanting and feeling compelled to just make the move they intend on and stand by it. There are more emotions involved when someone is referring to “following their heart”. The mind's intelligence and logicality infer a more complex decision making process seemingly with more consequences whereas the heart's emotional involvement and well being may be a bit too powerful when followed in full. Nonetheless, following the heart can also be filled with spontaneity and end up being the perfect choice to be made.

So what do I think is the best path? All in all, balance is truly the key factor here. Both mind and heart have to be reasonably in sync with each other and able to communicate. Now, I understand this is easier said than done, but when both the brain and heart take a minute to listen to each other, you'll definitely find the best of both worlds.

Head vs. Heart

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