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Ensure That You Are Always In Good Health Even When You Are Travelling

Updated on June 18, 2015

Most companies are concerned with the health of their employees at the workplace, and will have various programs in place to ensure good health. This helps them to reduce absenteeism and thus ensure productivity. But how can this be ensured for employees whose jobs have them constantly on the move, where it is not possible to have control over conditions? Travel hazard identification, safety and health while travelling is important in order to reduce the potential for losses that can affect employees on the road for the business.

Hygiene is Important

You can ensure good health while you are on the road by being constantly aware of your environment and the problems that it can cause you. One of the prime requirements for maintaining good health on the road is to ensure that you always maintain good hygiene. Always have sanitizers and wipes and gels on hand, so that you are able to deal with surfaces that can be germ infested, like doorknobs, car handles, handrails, and even taps and levers in bathrooms. See that you have a bath or a shower at least once or twice a day. Insist that the rooms that you may have to occupy during your travels are always clean, with fresh linen. This is more important than staying in rooms that have other facilities like television, minibars and the other attractions for travellers.

Eating Right

When you are on the road, you have far less control over your diet than you will have at home. Stay away from fast or comfort food as this can only upset your digestion. Stick to basic fruit, salads and simple bread and butter. Be careful, when you are dining out with clients or other business associates, as this is the time when things do tend to get out of hand. You may be labeled as dull and uninteresting, but will do your health a lot of good.

Rest and Medication

If you are on any medication always ensure that you are carrying enough, and arrange for any replenishment of medicines before your stock completely runs out. Carry cards that list out your blood type, medicines and food allergies, if any. Travelling can be exhausting, even if it is by the most modern means of travel, and you must ensure that you get enough rest. If you are an international traveller, pay heed to time zones and body clocks and never expect too much from your body. Sleep adequately, even if it means that you have to lie in bed for a longer time.


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