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Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea – What Are They?

Updated on October 20, 2016

If there is one herbal tea that stands out above the others in popularity alone, it has got to be chamomile tea. So what is it that makes chamomile tea so popular and what are the health benefits of chamomile tea? Let’s consider just a few.

Anxiety relief

Our first health benefit of chamomile tea is anxiety relief. The number of people suffering with anxiety has rocketed in recent years and rather than head straight for prescribed medication, many people look for natural relief first. In 2009 a study was undertaken by researchers in Pennsylvania to examine the relationship between chamomile and reduced anxiety. These studies showed that there was a meaningful difference in the feelings of anxiety relief between those who took chamomile and those who took a placebo, in favour of the chamomile of course. This certainly backs up what many supporters of traditional medicine have been saying for years, that chamomile tea is extremely beneficial for relieving anxiety.

Chamomile Tea helps you to sleep better

If it has the ability to ease anxiety, then I suppose it makes sense that chamomile tea can also help you to sleep better. Anxiety, worry and depression can all hinder sleep patterns. Chamomile tea can help ease all of those conditions, allowing you to sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed.

Chamomile to soothe an upset stomach

Chamomile tea is also known to soothe an upset stomach. Its antispasmodic properties work to reduce spasms and inflammation and it has also been shown to help fight minor stomach infections. Bisabolol – one of chamomile tea’s active constituents – is an anti-inflammatory which can work to soothe and relax the muscle linings in the digestive tract, aiding digestion and helping your upset stomach in the process.

Eases menstrual cramps

The same antispasmodic properties that work to aid digestion and sooth an upset stomach are also know to ease menstrual cramps. Of course, there are many other forms of Chamomile you can take to achieve the same effect but tea is one of the most soothing.

Chamomile Tea for skin conditions

You can also use chamomile tea topically to soothe a number of different skin conditions including eczema, skin rashes, skin burns, bruises, diaper rash, chicken pox and the list goes on. Chamomile can also be beneficial for use on the scalp, reducing flakiness of both the scalp and skin for that matter. Tests have also shown that chamomile tea could be more effective than the more standardly used medical hydrocortisone steroids in reducing the itchy and painful feelings resulting from the inflammation of skin lesions.

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Antioxidants in Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea contains an antioxidant flavonoid called apigenin. This flavonoid has recently been found to have mood enhancing properties which go to work on the same area of the brain as common anti-anxiety drugs do, but naturally of course.

One little rider to this health benefit of chamomile tea is that some recent research has suggested that some flavonoids can react badly with other prescription drugs, increasing their potency. Although this research is still in its early days, it would be wise to research the subject further and seek advice from your doctor before combining chamomile with prescription drugs.

Chamomile Tea to fight and prevent cancer

I thought that this health benefit of chamomile tea should really be mentioned here as we have just discussed antioxidants. Many people know that antioxidants help counter the effects of cancer causing free radicals, but it is not just the free radicals that make chamomile tea beneficial in the fight against and prevention of cancer. Chamomile also contains chemicals that have been shown to effectively slow the spread of breast cancer cells and also shortening the lifespan of those cells. It’s not just breast cancer either; it has also shown promise in preventing the growth of leukaemia cancer cells

Chamomile Tea for Type 2 Diabetes

Chamomile tea can be a helpful aid to those suffering with type 2 diabetes. Research suggests that Chamomile tea can help to lower and normalize blood sugar levels when consumed with meals. This can be a great help to those suffering with or looking to prevent type 2 diabetes.

Chamomile tea for gum pain and tooth ache

As chamomile’s soothing effects are felt within the body and nervous system, it also makes sense that they can be soothing to both teeth and gums. Chamomile tea has been found to reduce and soothe the pain associated with toothache and gum pain as well as promoting healing of the gums.

Chamomile tea as a blood thinner

The blood thinning properties of chamomile tea can help to improve circulation, benefiting the heart and protecting against cardiovascular disease.

The anti-inflammatory properties of Chamomile

There are many well-known diseases that find their root in inflammation. Rheumatoid arthritis, hay fever, sinusitis, haemorrhoids and certain bowel conditions such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis to name just a few. As modern research is now backing up, chamomile tea has long been renowned as a natural anti-inflammatory and can therefore soothe and aid inflammatory conditions or symptoms.

An overall soother

As we can see then, the health benefits of chamomile tea are wide ranging and varied. One common theme that does seem to run through all of these health benefits is that chamomile could be considered the champion of all soothers. Whether it is arthritis, oral conditions, digestive problems, sleep problems or even menstrual cramps, chamomile tea can help to soothe, restoring joy and happiness to your day.


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