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Benefits of Organic Food

Updated on March 13, 2014

What is Organic Food?

Organic food is food that is produced without the usage of man made pesticides & chemicals. Natural fertilizers are used to feed plants and animals are bred with organic food . The result is Organic Food which is nutritious and tasty.

Organic Food Benefits

The benefits of Organic foods are immense. We will elaborate it in the following:

1) Chemical and Pesticide Free

The usage of chemicals and pesticides in food leads to deficient neuro development leading to autism and ADHD. Other problems are Cancer, infertility, miscarriage , fibrosis diseases and many other birth defects. As organic foods are pesticide and chemical free they are good for our body health.


As Organic foods are freshly produced using better soil care techniques with no chemicals or artificial agents they tend to taste better than inorganic food.


Organic produce has a greater antioxidant content. As we all know antioxidants prevent cancer risks. Studies have shown that apart from antioxidants they have other greater mineral and vitamin content -around 60% more calcium, 70% more iron, 90% more phosphorous, 120% more potassium etc. The nutrients in these food have a long shelf life.

4) Free of Genetically modification

GM foods cause health hazards like Allergenicity , environmental problems as these foods are genetically tampered. Our body is more attuned to eating natural food rather than a man made modified food.

5) Beneficial to children

Since organic food more nutritious and chemical free it leads to healthy development of children. They have a higher IQ, better immune system etc

6) Least Carriers of harmful bacteria like E.Coli

7)Environment Friendly

Organic foods use natural manure and other natural techniques to produce food. The production of these foods cause least pollution. No harmful chemicals, pesticides are used and there is no damage done other organisms.

8) Leads to a Stronger Immune System as result of nutritious and chemical free organic food.

Tips on Organic Gardening


The information provided in this article is for education and information purpose only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice. You should use the advice of your family doctor or physician before using any home remedies, supplements or for starting any new health program.


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    • harrays profile image

      Harpreet Singh 3 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Kerlunda74 - You are doing a wonderful thing in maintaining your small garden. Hopefully you would enjoying the health benefits of your organic produce

    • kerlund74 profile image

      kerlund74 3 years ago from Sweden

      Interesting movies. I grow a lot in my small garden and I keeps it organic, no chemicals or other things used.