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Health Fair Theme Ideas

Updated on April 22, 2013

What to Consider in Picking a Health Fair Theme

So you're planning a health fair. Now you need a theme to plan it around. I compiled this lens of health fair theme samples to help you choose. Before selecting your wellness fair's theme, there are several things to consider.

First, think about the audience that your planning for. If the your audience is the general public, you'll want a general theme. If your health fair will be attended by a special population, you'll want to choose a theme that appropriate for that population's age, gender, stage of life, and/or lifestyle. For example, a health fair at senior center would have a different theme than one at an elementary school because of the vastly different health needs of those populations.

Another consideration in selecting a theme is the time of year. There are various health awareness weeks and months throughout the year. Planning your health fair around one of them is an easy way to pick a theme. In addition, be careful that your theme is appropriate for the time of year. For example, a fitness fair is perfect for early January when many people have resolved to exercise more in the new year. However, the same fitness fair may be poorly attended if it's held around the time of a major holiday centered on feasting. Finally, since your health fair should have goals as well as a theme, your theme should be related to your fair's goals.

Now here's the list of health fair themes.

Get Up, Get Moving

This theme encourages exercise/physical fitness. An ideal theme for almost any group since exercise is so critical to good physical health. Invite healthcare professionals to speak on the importance of exercise and good health. Bring in fitness instructors and/or personal trainers to lead fitness demos. Approach a gym about being a sponsor of your fair and offering limited time discounts to your health fair's participants. All healthcare and fitness professionals should have a booth also.

Healthy U, Healthy Us

This is a general theme for a health fair that's going to cover a variety topics. A fair like this would likely emphasize prevention and early detection. There would be booths for health screenings and health education. This would be an opportunity to contact local offices of national organizations, such as the American Heart Association or American Diabetes Association, to have a booth at your wellness fair. Also invite local healthcare organizations and professionals to participate.

You can make variations on this theme to suit where you're having the fair. For example, a fair in Chicago would be "Healthy U, Healthy Chicago." Or use the name of your organization, as in "Healthy U, Healthy Jefferson High School".

Stress Balls Make Great Handouts

A handout from your health fair reminds participants of the event. These stress balls do not have an imprint.

Eat to Live

Good nutrition is another important factor for optimal health. Have nutritionists speak, give cooking demos, and do an "ask the nutritionist" booth. A grocery store is a good sponsor to approach for this kind of health fair. Ask the store to provide food for the demos an d have a booth displaying some of the healthy foods they sell.

Your Heart Matters

Heart (cardiovascular) health matters because heart disease is the number one killer in the United States. For this fair, provide screenings for blood pressure and cholesterol. Emphasize physical fitness and smoking cessation. This theme is good for February because February is American Heart Month.

Breathe Easier

This event focuses on respiratory health. Set-up lung capacity screenings. Have speakers and booths on topics like asthma, allergy, and smoking cessation.

Your Mind Matters

Mental health is critical to well-being. Yet high levels of stress and depression are widespread. Invite mental health professionals and organizations to perform screenings and educate your participants on how to have a healthier mental outlook. Be sure to offer massage therapy to draw people to the fair.

Imprint Giveaways with Your Theme

Help attendees remember your event. Put your theme on a gift item like a pen.

What theme did you use for your health fair?

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