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How To Increase Longevity, Improve Health, And Slow The Aging Process

Updated on August 22, 2014

Improve Your Health And Longevity

The human life span has been increasing for years. Currently women are expected to live to 80 while men are expected to live to 77 years. Modern medicine has been quickly advancing to increase longevity however overall health seems to be stagnating. Obesity and physical inactivity are plaguing people to longer lives that are filled with disease and illness.

These days people are living a lot longer that past generations even when they are unhealthy. This gives lots of older people a very low quality of life. To really enjoy your golden years you need to learn how you can improve your health and live a longer life the natural way so that you can actually enjoy your retirement.

How to Improve Health and Longevity

Improve Your Mental Health & Live Longer

If you want to live a longer life by taking action yourself then there is really only a handful of things you need to keep in mind. Longevity happens in much greater frequency in people who are generally happy people who feel they have a purpose in life.

How can you use this to your advantage? Start living life for others. When you make other people a high priority in your life then you will find peace and happiness in knowing that you've made a difference. If you maintain this sense of duty to others then you will always have a sense of purpose.

I have always found myself to be much more satisfied with my life when I am in service to others. Be it be my family, my friends, or charitable work these kinds of activities make me feel like I am making a difference. Stay active and your health improves and even this has an effect on your mental state.

The Longevity Diet

Increase Longevity & Live A Healthy Life

Living a healthy lifestyle is usually what trips people up. Living healthy means giving up old habits which are not conducive to longevity such as smoking and overindulgence in food and alcohol. The thing to remember here though is that the problem of poor health does not have to do whit the kinds of food you eat or the fact that you drink alcohol; it has everything to do with the volume you consume.

Clinically speaking overindulgence in food has been linked to shorter lives whereas calorie restriction (CRON) or calorie reduction has been linked to dramatically longer life. CRON is also known as The Longevity Diet because it is low closely tied to extended lifespans in many kinds of animals. Longevity can be had by simply eating less food and drinking less alcohol. If you want to live a longer life then curbing your tendencies to overindulge should be a priority.

Anti-Aging With Physical Activity

Stay Active to Live Longer

Lastly you have to stay active to have the best odds of living a long life. I have never seen a person who healthily lived beyond 90 who didn't really do anything. My own great grandfather lived to 96 and was active enough to re-roof his house himself when he was 94 years old! That's right, you don't really have to exercise but you have to physically do things - no "couch-sitting" all day long folks!

Not only will higher activity levels help you increase your longevity but they will also give you the best opportunity to be physically capable of caring for yourself when you finally do get extremely old. Polls of some of the longest lived people on the planet always show that high or moderate activity levels area a strong indicator of increased life expectancy. Staying active might not ensure that you will live longer but it certainly will help. And really, how many centenarians have you known or heard of whom lived lives full of low activity levels. Not many I'm sure.

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