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What are your health stereotypes?

Updated on March 8, 2015

Take the Poll (below). Dispel Health Stereotypes through Identification and Education

The following set of polls is not intended to discriminate, further stereotypes or harm the feeling of any race or ethnicity. The poll seeks to identify the common stereotypes that exist in regards to health. Through the identification of health stereotypes, we can help educate and minimize discrimination in the future.

The races and enthicities listed in this health poll are those listed in the United States Census. The poll answers may not present all the available options. Please just answer honestly; for, this is an anonymous poll.

The following sections make up an anonymous set of polls and quiz questions. Would you answer differently if it wasn't anonymous? If you answer differently when it is not anonymous then are you being dishonest? The intention is not to drive stereotypes- just gauge where people are thinking in the current day and age. If you have questions then you can contact the author directly

How can knowing stereotypes help?

The first step is knowing there is a stereotype

By being asked these poll questions (see questions below), you may likely realize that you have stereotypes (based off race/ethnicity) about health. If your goal is to reduce the stereotypes you have then the first step is being aware that these stereotypes exist.

The polls are anonymous to encourage honest answers. You may not even consciously realize the stereotypes you have and function off of. Even though you may feel bad about the stereotypes established in your mind, we want to know! Getting honest answers is the only way we can improve and move forward.

Again, we don't intend to hurt or offend. We are looking to collect data to help educate and change stereotypes over time. We live in a completely different world than even a short few years ago. So, why hang on to prejudices that you thought used to be true.

At the end of this page you can leave us your thoughts on this process, whether you think it will help or hurt and whether you think things can change. We would love to hear your opinion.

Hygiene Stereotype Poll - Question #1: Hand Washing - Please answer honestly in your opinion (anonymous)

Which Race/Ethnicity is MOST likely to wash their hands the MOST times a day?

See results

Hygiene Stereotype Poll - Question #2: Hand Washing - Please answer honestly in your opinion (anonymous)

Which Race/Ethnicity is MOST likely to wash their hands the LEAST amount of times a day?

See results

Hygiene Stereotype Poll - Question #3: Germaphobia - Please answer honestly in your opinion (anonymous)

Germaphobia and mysophobia
Germaphobia and mysophobia

Which Race/Ethnicity is MOST likely to have the MOST Germaphobes (Those that fear germs)?

See results

Hygiene Stereotype Poll - Question #4: Germaphobia - Please answer honestly in your opinion (anonymous)

Which Race/Ethnicity is MOST likely to have the LEAST amount of Germaphobes (Those that fear germs)?

See results

Hygiene Stereotype Poll - Question #5: Vaccinations - Please answer honestly in your opinion (anonymous)

Which Race/Ethnicity is MOST likely to have the HIGHEST percentage of vaccinated people?

See results

Do vaccinations play a part in stereotypes?

Yes! Vaccinations are definitely part of the discussion. We vaccinate because of history in our own country and also the current disease situations in the world.

We are influenced by the amount of deaths that we see on the media for diseases and infections that do not run as rampant as they do in other nations.

Does that help people decide? Yes- but we see this as a healthy fear. There are germs everywhere and we need to act responsibly.

Hygiene Stereotype Poll - Question #6: Vaccinations - Please answer honestly in your opinion (anonymous)

Which Race/Ethnicity is MOST likely to have the LOWEST percentage of vaccinated people?

See results

Fun hygiene books for any ages! - Great books to teach hand washing!

Poll Question #7 - Help us refine the results (you will remain anonymous)

Please share your gender

See results

Poll Question #8 - Please share your age to help us define the results (you will remain anonymous)

What is your age range?

See results

What are some ways to reduce health stereotypes?

The more you know- the less you assume

Here are a few different ways that we can work towards having less stereotyping:

-Get to know more people that are not like you (preferences, culture, etc.)

-Make an effort to try different things

-Make a conscious effort to not just use preconceived thoughts

-Educate yourself

-Give up hate, anger and other negative feelings for the past

-And so forth

Stereotyping is very easy to do. It IS the easy thing to do. Our mind automatically starts compartmentalizing things to make it easier to recall, easier to react and so forth. The goal is to not have stereotypes that can harm or discriminate any race or ethnicity. Is this a lofty ideal? Sure, it is tough to not be faulted for stereotyping, but we can try. Continually improve to remove stereotypes and you'll be happy with the result!

We can just look a short distance to see how discrimination can negatively affect us. Relationships are strained when we react inappropriately. This goes for how we react in private and in public because it only a matter of time before your private actions will manifest themselves in your public opinion. Look within and see which stereotypes you can work on today. Good luck!

Rethinking Stereotypes, Challenging our Perceptions: What Health Professionals Need to Know - Great video for health professionals in regards to stereotypes

This video may not help all viewers, but this is a great video for health professionals. It is important to treat all patients with the same level of care.

Overcoming stereotypes is tough, but it is possible. It takes a dedicated effort from management and from the individual staff member.

Hand Sanitizers and Other Hygiene Items - Amazon is a great resource for infection control products

Amazon is a great place to stock up on necessary and preferred hygiene and infection control items. Often not found in the local stores, you can find brands that offer organic or other specialty items. Get your hand sanitizers, infection control signs, or other hygiene products in a few clicks!

Full Glo Germ kit for hand washing training

Health stereotypes can be helpful and harmful. However, the best steps to better health can be a good personal plan for hygiene. By having a plan you can avoid diseases and infections.

By using Glo Germ you can learn AND teach correct hand washing. You can learn the steps for applying soap, using warm water, rubbing for 20 seconds, targeting back of the hands, cleaning around the thumb and cuticles, and not touching the sink after having clean hands.

The Glo Germ kit includes everything you need. Fluorescent Glo Germ powder or gel, black light, and hand washing instructions.

Glo Germ is great for teaching hand washing and cleaning! - Glo Germ is a fluorescent training for germ simulation.

Glo Germ Gel

Glo Germ Gel is used in all types of organizations and facilities. It can be placed on hands, counters, door handles, and other high germ frequency areas.

The Glo Germ gel shows brightly under a UV black light. It shows where germs would be and how fast they spread.

UV Black Light for infection control

UV black lights are used for more than creepy dorm rooms and disco parties. UV black lights have been used to train hundreds of thousands how to clean and wash hands properly.

Black lights for infection control have reduced thousands of diseases and will in the future! Grab a black light and some Glo Germ to save lives and increase your health.

Thoughts on Health Stereotypes? - Share with us.

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      Hmmm... I wonder what the poll will show. First one to take it didn't show too many results :)


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