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How can give up smoking?

Updated on September 10, 2014

Smoking and its bad impacts

Smoking is considered as a psychological and a physical disease. It is considered as the psychological disease due to its impacts on nurvous system. There found a large scale of physiological problem as the result of smoking. Lung cancer have a significant relationship with smoking. Smoking have found a significant progression of Lung Cancer. Smoking increases the stroke risk of hypertensive patient significantly. Not only that, after a long period of smoking, body grows dependencies on Nicotine. It stimulates the nervous system. Somking damages alveoli of the lunge.

Any one can give up smoking if he maintain some procedures. It is not so dificult. It depends on the concenteation. It is better to give up smoking slowly and taking few times to give up smoking. First start to reduce the number of cigarette on daily basis that you wohld familiar with. Mange few nutritious foods. Start to eating the nutritious foods. When you will feel for smoking, start to eating anothernutritious food. Reduce the stress on your daily life. Stress and aanxiety significantly increase the smoking. Increase your havit of sleeping. Sleeping can reduce your havitual smoking. Physical exercise significantly reduces the bodt deoendencies on smoking.


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