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Cranberry Juice for a Healthier You

Updated on July 23, 2017

Cranberry juice offers several significant health benefits. Cranberries are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals; and help effectively manage a host of conditions, including urinary tract infections, cardiac disorders and macular degeneration. This article provides insight into the nutritive value of cranberry juice and the overall health benefits of the fruit.

Cranberry in your Daily Menu

Cranberries are bright red fruits that have a rich, tart, and somewhat bitter taste. Cranberries are found across the world, particularly in Europe and North America.The fruit offers several significant health benefits, and incorporating them in to your daily menu is recommended.

Consuming Cranberry juice on daily basis offers several health benefits which range from treating infections to enhancing overall cardiac health. Cranberries can also be included in your every day diet using unique cranberry recipes.

Cranberry Nutrition: Cranberry Juice Nutritive Value

Cranberries are highly nutrient dense fruits. The Cranberry is loaded with several vitamins, minerals and host of other vital nutrients.

  • Cranberries are loaded with Vitamin B complex, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.
  • Cranberries are also packed with minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese and Potassium.
  • They are chockfull with dietary fiber as well.

In addition, 1 cup of cranberry juice offers about 50 calaries of energy. Cranberries are also low in cholesterol which makes it a healthy low fat beverage.

Benefits of Cranberry Juice

Having a glass of cranberry juice every day, promises you the following health benefits:

  1. Urinary Tract Infections: Cranberries are widely known for their ability to fight urinary tract infection. They prevent as well as treat UTI effectively. Cranberries restrict the growth of E. coli bacteria within the urinary system; the bacteria get flushed out along with the urine. Thus, having a glass of juice daily ensures that your kidneys work optimally and you do not suffer from UTI.
  2. Cardiac Health : Cranberry is a 'heart-happy' food. It protects the heart muscle, facilitates normal pumping action and helps maintain normal cholesterol levels. Research and clinical trials conducted state that individuals who were asked to consume cranberries juice every day had healthier, more flexible blood vessels. Thus, cranberries prevent atherosclerosis and heart attacks successfully.
  3. Weight loss: Cranberries have negligible calories, thereby making them an ideal food for weight loss and weight management. Having 3 to 4 glasses of the juice helps you shed unwanted weight and burn superfluous fat, easily and naturally. It will also promote body detoxification.
  4. Gastric ulcers: Cranberries soothe the stomach lining and help ward of GI derangements; particularly stomach ulcers, duodenal ulcers and gastritis.
  5. Tooth decay: The high vitamin C content of the fruit ensures good oral health. Cranberries help maintain healthy teeth and gums and also fight tooth decay.

Include the Fruit in to Confectionery as well as Savory Recipes

The Excellent Health Benefits of Cranberries

  • Women are more prone to urinary tract infection, due to their anatomical structure of the urinary system. 80 % of women suffer from urinary tract infection, primarily due to the short length of the urethra. Incorporating cranberries in to the daily diet helps in the prevention as well as relief of urinary tract infections.

  • Regular consumption of cranberry juice helps diminish serum cholesterol levels and thereby improves cardiovascular health.
  • Cranberries help protect the eyes against macular degeneration and other eye-related problems.
  • The Cranberry is also known to stave off peptic ulcers by improving digestive functions and provide protection against gastric and stomach cancers.

Dried Cranberries

Dried cranberries are basically dehydrated cranberry fruits. They come in tinned form; and offer the same health benefits as that provided by the fresh fruit or juice. Dried cranberries can be included in a variety of dishes, both savory and confectionary.

Cranberry Capsules and Supplements

For those who do not like the taste of cranberries or cranberry juice; or the fruit is inaccessible for them; cranberry supplements are an excellent alternative. These supplements hold the real food that has been concentrated and encapsulated, and consequently it is possible to consume 2 or more servings in 1 capsule.


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      3 years ago

      An inglelitent point of view, well expressed! Thanks!

    • Joan King profile image

      Joan King 

      6 years ago

      Good to know. Thanks for sharing


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