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Health Benefits of Crataegus Monogyna

Updated on May 2, 2012

The common hawthorn is a shrub or small tree with long and branched spines, belonging to the family Rosaceae.

The plant can reach heights between 50 centimeters to 6 meters. The stem is covered with a compact cortex and gray in color. The young branches have thorns that grow at the base of the branches short.

The leaves are 2-4 cm long, with petiole, diamond-shaped and deeply etched. The apex of the lobes is serrated.

The flowers are in corymbs Grouped, 'which Contain about 5-25. The petals are white-pink and 5 or 6 mm long.

The fruits are oval, red when ripe and with a core that contains the seed. Flowering typically occurs between April and May, while the fruit ripens in November and December. The fruits of the hawthorn are edible, but are not usually eaten fresh, but processed for jams, jellies and syrups.

It is located in Europe, North Africa, West Asia and North America. Its natural habitat is represented by areas of scrub and bushes, mainly in calcareous soils. Grows at altitudes between 0 and 1,500 meters.

Uses of Crataegus Monogyna

· The wood, thick and heavy, is a popularfuel.

· At one time, in different Italian regions, was used as a constituent of hedges interpoderali essence, that is to delimit the boundaries of the plots. Because of the thorns and interlacing branches of the hawthorn hedge was an almost impenetrable barrier. Currently the need not to make difficult the movement of farm mechanics has led to the almost complete disappearance of the hawthorn hedges with that function.

As a medicinal herb hawthorn is used as a tonic, antidiarrheal, hypotensive and cardiotonic.
The active ingredients contained in the plan are:

  • flavonoidsincludinghyperosideandvitexin;
  • triterpenecompoundsincludingursolic acid;
  • aminesand sterols;
  • tannin andpurine derivatives.

· Coronariadilatatrice has an action, vasodilating and coronary blood vessel abdominal, positive inotropic action, saving the consumption of oxygen by the heart muscle, modulation of intracellular calcium concentration, sedative on the central nervous system, decrease in heart rate.

· It is indicated in cases of angina pectoris in cardiac neurosis, in the states of hyperexcitability with arrhythmias and arterial hypertension.

· It is also used as an anxiolytic and treating cases of insomnia.


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