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Health Insurance, the best of the worst.

Updated on February 18, 2013

Some countries run wholly socialized medicine

Those countries face the same problems we do they just approach it differently.
Those countries face the same problems we do they just approach it differently. | Source

Health Insurance. Government mandate or your call?

Sometimes in elections the pollsters get to work and we find out that people did not vote for a candidate they liked but rather for the one they disliked the least. Sometimes when we have to run within a budget we cannot get what we want but have to settle for the least expensive.

Health insurance seems to fall in those categories. A family of three may find themselves paying over five hundred a month in coverage and often that is only if they do not use the coverage. The same family may have grave concern over government involvement in the private sector. The financial concerns may well override the concerns of how our country is run.

Some say logic falls by the wayside, giving way to self preservation and economic and heath survival. I think that it does not fall away. We have to assess the risks and balances for ourselves. When logic falls away is when government decides to mandate a conclusion to a complicated and personal problem.

The Supreme Court of the United States has done their part well. Obama followed what he believes is a mandate – well. The question now remains, will citizens do their part, well. I do not recommend one position over another. My family has decided that we will suffer the burden and cost of health care coverage. Our health and fiscal responsibility ethics require us to be covered. If we lose a large piece of our income that may change as a reality.

Our responsibility as citizens is to be knowledgeable about the facts. To spend some of our time understanding the issue. To listen and read. To discuss the issues among ourselves. And then most importantly participate enough to make our position clear. Politicians do not establish or create mandates, we the people do.

Oh and by the way, unless you are really inspired to do so, do not try reading the opinion of the Supreme Court on this one. It is extremely convoluted and addresses the constitutionality rather than the politics of the issue. Better to pick two pundits that you respect and get your information that way. (I must admit I am just weird enough to read it)

The health care tide is changing

Hopefully we will see a better sunrise.
Hopefully we will see a better sunrise. | Source


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