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Kids Health-How to Take Care

Updated on June 4, 2011

Taking Care of Kids Health

Kids are the most lovable to the parents. But they can have health problems including diseases. So, the parents will have to take precautionary measures so that their kids can remain safe and sound.

Fresh and nutritious meals are essential for good health. With this end in view, it is necessary to find out the ways and means in order to remain healthy and keep fit. To ensure health and happiness for the kids, serving them nutritious foods everyday is of great importance, and at the same time, it is necessary to see how they endure the whole day. To help them grow naturally, we have to give them natural food. To this end, we as parents should prepare meals with natural items like vegetables, fruits, meat, and dairy products. They should be encouraged to eat all these items regularly. One more point to remember is that we should serve them breakfast daily with a glass of milk and fruits to enable them to pass their days looking good and feeling well. It goes without saying that these foods are the sources of energy and vigor that make them gradually strong and stout. Moreover, natural foods contain a lot of nutrients and minerals which help them have a strong mind and healthy body.

Parents should consider spending considerable time with the kids, alongside maintaining good relationship, to help them grow up in a befitting manner. We should not forget that the love and care they deserve is indispensable for their healthy growth. As they grow up, it is advisable to consult a physician to check their cholesterol level that should not exceed more than 170 for a kid, as per doctoral recommendation. The kids having excess weight require proper parental care, and their cholesterol levels need to be frequently monitored. Furthermore, they should be prevented from having fast foods like potato fries, and cheese foods such as burger and pizza, which form the basis for the high cholesterol level. So, parental initiatives are required to prepare good diet programs for the kids to pave the way for their good physical growth. The foods that are beneficial include oats, cereals like wheat’s and grains, fruits, and some fish recipes. These items can, no doubt, be added to the diet. Children may sometimes suffer from malnutrition. They are supposed to be malnourished, or suffer from under nutrition as and when the diet they consume does not provide adequate calories, protein, and vitamin necessary for their growth. According to World Health Organization(WHO), malnutrition is the gravest single threat to global public health. WHO adds that malnutrition during childhood usually results in poor health. Again, those who are over nourished may become overweight or obese, which may create long-term health problems as well as social stress. However, as the nutritional disorders can affect any system in the bodies including the senses of sight, taste, and smell, it is advisable for the parents to discuss with a doctor the matter in detail.

At the present era, the kids spend time sitting in front of TV, or playing computer games. This is not desirable; rather the parents should make them play; and take them out for walking and jogging. Doing such things can make them physically fit and happy. So, let us nurse the baby; protect the child; and free the adult.


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