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Seven bad habit of eating

Updated on March 6, 2016
Seven bad habit of eating,Seven bad habit of eating
Seven bad habit of eating,Seven bad habit of eating | Source

Many people reduce excess food or unhealthy food after deducting wait for the results. However, the benefits of this kind of work can be lost due to below seven. So if you get the benefit of the works should be discarded.

1. Packaged diet foods

There are many diet foods to be sold in the market are labeled. These foods will not increase your body's calorie-LAB promotes companies. In fact, developing a taste for junk food, although this type of material is unnecessary. The ingredients are harmful for health. They often do not take away the hunger.

II. Emotional eating

You should eat foods to meet the needs of the physical body, to eliminate hunger. Many people used to eat at the best intentions, but for various reasons outside. Many of boredom, anxiety, anger or happiness due to the excess diet. There are also pictures of food, restaurant or temptation at hand due to excessive food intake increased. In addition to these issues, there is a psychological craving. If this trend is not physical hunger, desire to eat, but the food can be. It is better to abandon these practices are harmful to the body.

Leave the seven bad habit of eating right now, stay healthy

3. Additional amounts of healthy food

Healthy eating is good. But if it goes on stage to accept the additional amount, it is not good at all. Nothing extra is not good. And so, after all the desire to eat this kind of food you can not.

4. Excluded for a meal

Morning breakfast or a meal, there are many to exclude the practice. This habit is not good at all. Puraleo calories the body is not much damage to the body. In addition, excess hunger, excessive intake can be seen at the next meal time. It does not work at all in order to reduce consumption. So instead of deducting meals a day to eat a small meal before some experts said. The appetite is reduced.

5. Always count calories

Many weight-conscious began to count calories before eating. And the problem is increasing rather than abating. Counting calories does not work equally for all. Studies have shown that many calories count and went to eat was in severe stress. It is more than women. Some of this hormone may increase the body weight.

6. Fat completely excluded

Many nutrition experts are trying to exclude the idea that humans make mistakes, it lasted fat meal increases body fat. It's much more complex than that. There are many vegetarian phyatasamrddha, which is beneficial for health and weight of the body fat consumption increases. For a long time, and the excess stomach fat intake position reduces appetite. Herbal helps fat metabolism. The anti-oxidants are beneficial to the body.

7. Beverages

Soft drinks or hard drinks market in the guise of traditional soft drinks, whatever that paniyai, it is better to abandon. Because they greatly increase the body's calorie levels. The result of all this growth is not good.

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