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Healthy Benefits of Zumba Fitness Classes

Updated on August 10, 2014

What are the Benefits of Zumba?

I work out with Zumba Fitness for the XBox Kinect every Sunday evening, and I have grown to love it. I have worked my way up to the mid-length classes, which are 45 minutes to an hour long. It's not easy, but once you learn the routines, it gets easier. It's a great workout; however, it may not be for everyone.

What is Zumba, and what are the benefits of taking classes? How can you do it at home? Keep reading to find the answers to these questions and more.

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What is Zumba Fitness?

Zumba is slang for "Move fast"

Zumba, a type of aerobic exercise inspired by Latin music, was born by accident in 1986. When Colombia-born Alberto "Beto" Perez, who was teaching an aerobics class, forgot his usual music, he found a mix of salsa and merengue tapes that he liked to dance to. He said "Class today is different," and everyone loved it. In 1999, Zumba was brought to mass market and was very successful. Today, there are approximately four million Zumba enthusiasts and 25,000 instructors in 40 countries.

Zumba Dance Video - Try it for yourself! Just watch the video and follow along.

Benefits of Zumba Fitness

  1. Simplicity of choreography: The choreography is not complex; it is all about feeling the music.
  2. Huge calorie burn: Zumba is an intense cardiovascular workout that can help you burn calories and lose inches.
  3. A better body: It can help you increase stamina and improve balance while working your muscles.
  4. Stress release: It can help you let go of inhibitions, and can even be therapeutic for some. Zumba is a great stress release.
  5. Toned muscles: Zumba helps tone the entire body from head to toe by engaging a large number of different muscles.
  6. Keeps you excited: It is fun, so you will start to get excited to go to each Zumba class. It keeps you coming back!
  7. Good for everyone: It's a great workout for people of all ages, both men and women, beginner or advanced.
  8. Time passes quickly: Many exercise routines drag by because they are work; Zumba is actually fun to do.
  9. Helps you socialize: Zumba class is a great place to meet people, although you can do it at home if you feel self-conscious at first, or if you don't have local classes.
  10. Mood lifter: In most cases, it makes people happier. The combination of infectious music and getting your heart pumping releases endorphins helps you feel good.

Find Local Classes

If you are a social butterfly and aren't afraid of giving it a try publicly, this website can help you find local Zumba fitness classes.

Order Zumba Fitness on DVD

Anyone with a DVD player can watch and follow along with these videos.

Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System DVD Set
Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System DVD Set
Get the whole Total Body Transformation set here

Zumba Fitness for XBox Kinect

Those of you with an XBox and a Kinect can follow along with these workouts

Zumba Fitness - Kinect - Xbox 360
Zumba Fitness - Kinect - Xbox 360
Get the original Zumba Fitness
Zumba Fitness Core - Xbox 360
Zumba Fitness Core - Xbox 360
Or, try Zumba Fitness Core
Zumba Fitness Rush - Xbox 360
Zumba Fitness Rush - Xbox 360
Zumba Fitness Rush - this is the one I own, and love it!

Zumba Fitness for Nintendo Wii

Those of you with a Nintendo Wii can play these ones

Zumba Fitness Core - Nintendo Wii
Zumba Fitness Core - Nintendo Wii
Try Zumba Fitness Core for an intense core workout
Zumba Fitness World Party - Nintendo Wii
Zumba Fitness World Party - Nintendo Wii
You could have a Zumba party with this one!
Zumba Fitness - Nintendo Wii
Zumba Fitness - Nintendo Wii
The original Zumba Fitness for Wii


The author is not a medical professional, and this article is not intended to replace professional medical advice. Please consult with your physician before starting a new exercise routine.

Have you previously tried Zumba? Are you planning on trying it? Do you go to local classes, or would you rather stay at home than make a fool of yourself?


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