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Healthy Fingernails Care: Do's and Don'ts

Updated on April 12, 2015

Fingernails Care

The simplest way to know you are not taking care of your nails is by observing their appearance. Well taken care of fingernails look strong and healthy. If yours are cracked and ridged with unusual color patches, then proper care needs to be taken to make them feel and look healthy. Fingernail care is simple and does not take much of your time.

What Are Your Fingernails Made Of?

Fingernails are made of protein layers known as keratin. These grow from the base of the nail cuticle. Healthy growing nails are devoid of dents and lines. On the other hand, uniform coloration and lack of spots is surefire way of knowing the health of your fingernails. Some common problems are the development of parallel lines from the bottom of the nail or cuticle to the tip. The more you grow old the more they get pronounced unless you take care of them. Temporary white spots caused by injuries should not worry you since they grow with the nails and disappear once you trim your fingernails.

What in Fingernails is Normal or Abnormal

Before you take any action when you notice something unusual with your nails, you need to consult your dermatologist first. Some conditions might look normal when they are not and below are some observations that you need to be weary of:
•When the entire nail changes color and acquires dark spots or streaks underneath.
•When the shape of the nails begin to curl.
•When the skin at the bottom separate with the nail.
•Unexplained bleeding at the cuticles or under the nail.
•Unexplained pain and or swelling around the skin covering the fingernails.

Do's of Fingernails Care

•Your fingernails should be cleaned and dried. Bacteria usually thrive in wet dirty conditions. On the other hand, continued exposure to water and chemicals results in chipped or cracked nails and this can be prevented by wearing gloves.
•Fingernail hygiene goes a long way to keep them strong and healthy. Trimming them to a smooth round shape using a pair of clippers does the trick.
•Moisturize your finger nails and cuticles with your favorite lotion each time you take a shower or wash your hands.
•For sensitive and soft nails, applying nail varnish or hardener makes them stronger since this becomes an extra protective layer.
•Your local doctor may also prescribe biotin as a natural nutritional supplement for nail strengthening for those weak types

Fingernail Care Don'ts

The most important fingernails care option is to seek ways of preventing dryness and the resulting breakage.
•Don't nail bite or scratch the cuticles since this practice affects the fingernail bed exposing it to bacteria which might lead to infections.
•Don't force off those ugly looking hangnails. This raptures other tissues; instead, clip them off carefully.
•Don't ignore any nail problem that seems not to go away. Seek prompt medical advice because you might have another underlying condition.
•Don't just use any nail care product. Some of these might be harsh to your nail type. Some polish removers contain acetone which needs to be prescribed by a nail care specialist.

Fingernails Care: Pedicure and Manicure

If you must go for pedicure and manicure, your salon needs to be licensed. Ensure the tools being used are sterilized especially those which come in to contact with the skin or cuticles.
Any one can neglect their nails and these simple fingernails care tips come in handy for healthy strong nails devoid of abnormalities.


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    • camily lm profile image

      Albert Kim 2 years ago from Nairobi Kenya

      Thanks Rachel for sharing. Its always good practice to observe your nails and note any unusual marks.

    • Rachel L Alba profile image

      Rachel L Alba 2 years ago from Every Day Cooking and Baking

      Thanks Albert for creating a hub for nails. I noticed that I do have some ridges on my pointer finger on my left had. Sometimes they are deeper and sometimes they will smooth out. I should it to the doctor and he didn't actually tell me anything. Your advise sounds good to me. Voted up.

      Blessings to you.