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Healthy Menopause - A True Story

Updated on April 23, 2015
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Cheryl Paton practices a variety of natural health exercises; her own health has improved because of it.

Healthy Menopause, from personal experience

A woman had a hysterectomy in her early 30's and then had been on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for 12 plus years. Over the years she hadn't felt quite right. She wanted to get off of them and tried various approaches; she tried other natural products to use instead of HRT. Every time she did, she felt the hot flashes. But she was determined and knew that there had to be something that would work.

Then she heard a report on the radio where a doctor explained that hot flashes were actually withdraw symptoms from the lack of hormones. The doctor explained that if a teenage female had a hysterectomy, that she would not experience hot flashes. He said that she wouldn't have been use to the hormones long enough to suffer the withdraw symptoms. Upon hearing that, the woman listening to the radio declared that if a teenage girl doesn't have to have hot flashes, then neither does she!

She was also a woman of faith and believed in the power of faith healers at the time. She started off every morning, while taking her shower, laying her hands on her abdomen and declaring that everything was healthy. Within about a week of starting this, she heard an advertisement on the radio about a church. Something rang true about the church to her and she went that coming Sunday.

Once there, there was a faith healing call for people to come forward. She went to the altar, the woman minister laid her hands on the woman's stomach, spoke some words, and the woman immediately felt things (she described them as thoughts) coming out of her body. She went home and never took another HRT or alternative medicine for hot flashes, and never experienced another one.

Hot flash free

The above story is true. It's been over ten years now and I'm still HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and hot flash free.

I've also found out that there are some countries where the women do not even have a word for hot flash, because they don't even experience it. In those countries, the people hardly use dairy. They use soy products and other dairy alternatives.

Although my story is one of a more spiritual nature, I have also switched to more coconut and almond products in lieu of dairy, and have been feeling healthier by doing so. So I wanted to share this information with you as well.

The Mediterranean diet has been associated with a healthier heart. Now it's been connected to having a healthier menopause.

This Mediterranean cookbook gives you a meal plan for four weeks.

Some have said that the recipes were bland, but if anyone thinks that, they can easily add some extra herbs and seasonings.

My health has also continue to improve by replacing dairy milk with coconut milk. - There are different flavor options.

Choose from unsweetened, vanilla, and chocolate coconut milk.

I like the vanilla flavored one for smoothies and as a regular beverage.

So Delicious Coconut Milk Vanilla, 32 oz
So Delicious Coconut Milk Vanilla, 32 oz

I like the plain original flavor for baking or cooking with.


If you want a none sweet dairy replacement, then I recommend almond milk.

Almond milk can be purchased as sweet or unsweetened.

Almond milk comes in a variety of flavors.

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze - Unsweetened Original - 11 oz - 12 pk
Blue Diamond Almond Breeze - Unsweetened Original - 11 oz - 12 pk

It comes in a choice of unsweetened, sweetened, vanilla, and chocolate. You may also find a blend of almond with coconut.


Healthy bones

Bone healthy recommendations by Julian Whitaker, MD, doesn't include drugs or dairy. Whitaker explains that the high protein in dairy and animal products requires more calcium to neutralize the acidic byproducts of the protein. Whitaker recommends a vegetarian diet. Leafy green vegetables, beans, broccoli, sesame seeds, oats, and tofu are rich sources of calcium without the high protein.

I've read elsewhere that spinach is best as a source of calcium, when it is cooked.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe that women can have a healthy menopause?

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