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4 Foods for healthy skin

Updated on January 31, 2014

Eat healthy foods for a gorgeous skin

Skin is the largest organ of our body.
By covering our whole body, it protects our internal organs.
A beautiful skin is desired by all.
As it is said beauty is skin deep.
Flawless and free from disease, wrinkles is what all we want.
Having a perfect skin gives us a sense of confidence and happiness.
How can we have ? What can we do to achieve it ?
These questions trouble our mind.
There are plenty of ways to achieve
One way to achieve is by eating healthy foods.
This is an easy way to achieve.
I will present you the list of these foods.
Add these items in your daily diet.
When you are eating these foods you will be relaxed.
As know you have the answer for getting a beautiful skin. Enjoy !



Eating beetroot gives your body lot of nutrition. These nutrients are responsible for giving your skin a beautiful touch. The major benefits of beetroot for skin are as follows

1) Anti-inflammatory benefits
Being anti-inflammatory in nature beetroot prevents as well as cures pimples, acne and boils.

2) Blood Purifier and Cleanser
Drinking beet root juice or eating them in salads or dishes ensures blood purification and removes toxins from your body. Other than this it also removes excess water. Thus makes your skin glowing.

3) Moisturizurer
When you apply beetroot juice on your skin especially face it makes it soft and supple. It removes the dead cell layer of your skin and aids in the promotion of healthy glowing new layer of skin.

4)Anti-aging tonic and prevents wrinkles
Since beetroot is rich in antioxidants it prevents the oxidation of skin cells from free radicals. Thus preventing aging and formation of skin wrinkles.

5)Acts as sun-screen protector
Lycopene present in beetroot ensures that you have a good skin elasticity and works as sun screen protector. Thus preventing sun burns as well as skin cancers.

6)Blemish and dark spot remover
Apply a mixture Fuller's earth( Multani Mitti) and beetroot juice on your face as mask. This will remove blemishes and dark spots from your face. Also eating or drinking beetroot juice helps in this removal.

7)Ensures pinkish tinge to your skin
Usages of grated beetroot as mask on your face for 5-10 minutes will ensure a pinkish tinge to your skin



Pomegranate is a juicy seed fruit. Red in color makes it tempting. This fruit contains very high level of antioxidants. Besides the antioxidant content, this fruit is rich in nutrition. You can eat these juicy seeds ,drink its juice, add it in salads, custards and ice-creams. My favorite juice is pomegranate. It beats the heat, a best drink in summers.
Now if one talks about the benefits it gives to skin , they are immense. Even the peel of pomegranate is very healthy.
Here are these benefits as to how it leads to beautiful skin

1)Leads to youthful skin by preventing aging
Pomegranate is rich in ellagic acid and ellagitannins. These play major role in preventing wrinkles and inflammation caused by sun exposure. Hyper pigmentation and blemishes are prevented. You can drink a glass of pomegranate juice, eat its seeds for a youthful glowing skin.

2)Moisturizer for dry skin
Punicic acid in pomegranate keeps the dry skin moisturized and hydrated.

3)Cures and prevents acne
Applying pomegranate juice to the acne effected skin, helps in curing this problem. Eating this fruit leads to good digestion and improves the circulation of blood all leading to prevention of acne.

4)Benefits due to anti-inflammatory properties
Drinking pomegranate juice protects you against skin irritation, psoriasis, pimples and eczema.

Antioxidants and anti-tumor qualities of pomegranate prevents the growth of skin cancer.



Green in color , this vegetable is a healthy food option for you . Broccoli is rich in antioxidands and nutrients. It does wonders to our skin, which are as follows:

1)Skin Detoxification
Sulforaphane in good levels present in broccoli leads to skin detoxification.

2)Protection against UV rays of sun
Broccoli has the ability to protect you against the redness and inflammation caused by UV rays of the sun. Thus preventing skin cancer

3)Reduces tumors
Again sulforaphane helps in reducing tumors .

4)Promotes the growth of new skin cells
Nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids, iron, calcium, Vitamin C, beta carotene, Vitamin A etc help in the growth of new skin cells

5)Benefits arising due to blood purification abilities
Acne, enzema, boils and other skin problems are prevented due to the blood purification abilities of this vegetable.

6)Antioxidant benefits
Broccoli prevents the oxidation of cells by free radicals, thus promoting anti-aging of the skin

Tomato in skin care


One vegetable that is used in most of food recipes. Tomato is a gourmets delight. Not only it gives taste but it also has immense skin benefits which are as follows

1)Anti-aging benefits
Tomatoes are rich in lycopene ( anti-oxidant) which helps in preventing cell damage caused by free radicals.

2)Adds Glow to the skin
If you desire a glowing beautiful skin, then use tomatoes as a facial mask.

3)Shrink Pores
A regular application of mixture consisting of 1 tablespoon of tomato juice + 2/3 drops of lemon juice should be applied on face. Use a cotton ball for applying this mixture on your face. If there are are no lemons you can use tomato juice for application. Wait for 10 minutes , then wash it with cold water. This will shrink the size of pores.

4)Works as natural sun screen protector
Apply tomato juice on your face before going out in sun. This will act as a natural sun screen protector

5)Treatment for oily skin
Apply tomato juice or rub sliced tomato on your face. Wait for few minutes and then wash with cold water. This will remove excess oil from your face.

6)Cures acne
Again regular application of tomato juice on your face cures acne. As tomatoes have the ability to clean the skin of impurities.

7)Removes pimples and blackheads


This article is meant for information purpose only. The information provided here is not a substitute of professional medical advice. Please seek the advice of doctors or physician before using the information in this article for any health program.

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