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Learning To Eat Clean

Updated on October 22, 2014

Realizing There Needs To Be A Change

I’m always searching for ways to be healthier. I love my husband and our life together, and I want to keep us as healthy as possible. We have been diagnosed with unusually sticky plaque in our arteries. It’s rare and the fact we both have it is interesting to say the least.

I have to admit it’s been a struggle trying to change our diet. We try to eat healthy, but I know we can do a lot better as we both have issues with certain foods.

I had IBS pretty severe 10 years ago, and I stopped eating junk food & crap that I had been eating. Slowly added new stuff and for the most part, it doesn’t bother me as much, but I must stay away from fried foods because that’s a huge trigger for me or lots of greasy stuff.

For my husband, he’s where I was 10 years ago when I could barely eat anything, or it would affect me in a very negative way. Problem is he travels, and I need to find ways to keep him healthy on the road and not hitting McDonald's.

Yum!! Veggies


Fuel Your Body

I am used to cooking for an army as my mother, and I spent most of our time in the kitchen growing up trying to keep my brother and dad fed. So it’s a little tricky learning to cook for two.

She taught me everything I know, and I would love to cook for my husband the way we cooked for my dad and brother. I just have to get his stomach issues under-control first.

We always made our meals from scratch, and we hardly ever ate at restaurants and in fact, when we did once in a while it wasn’t nearly as good as what we could make at home.

What are you doing to be healthier?

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I’m looking into clean cooking and also canning. I think it’s a lost art, and it would save money to can using our veggies and sauces that I make a ton, of so we always have some on hand.

I’m a writer and digital artist; I work at home so I need to learn how to cook healthy, fast, clean dinners for us and our family. I also read that there are a ton of things you can freeze that I had no idea you could freeze. We definitely need a bigger freezer if I am going to put my plan into motion.

Clean Eating For A Day Tips

Foods you can freeze





Blue Berries

Homemade Pancakes, Waffles, French Toast







Flour and Other Grains


Mashed Potatoe

Soups and Chili

Broth and Stock


Potato Chips, Crackers and Pretzels


Bread, Baked Goods

Buttercream Frosting

Tomato Paste

Diced Veggies


Shredded Chicken


Marinated Meat

Homemade Casseroles


Flavor & Spice

I look at eating differently than I used to. I look at it as if we were filling a car with gas, you want to pick the best quality for your car, or it won’t run properly.

I understand that when I don’t feel good, I want the things that comforted me as a child since I no longer have my mother, I still want the food we created. I just need to tweak it a tad and turn it into healthy dishes.

I’m never going to go ULTRA healthy with no fat, no sugar, no taste kind of girl. I love spice and salt, but I do want to be healthier so I will modify, but you’ll never see a recipe from me that doesn’t have taste and flavor.


Eat Clean Meal

I hope that you have found this blog helpful. Wanted to share my journey and will be writing more about health, fitness in the future.


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