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Heart Attack - Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treament of Heart Attack

Updated on June 12, 2015

According to Statistics There Is a Real Good Chance You Will Experience a Heart Attack Upfront, Close and Personal

Heart Attack - Over 1.2 million people experience a heart attack in the United States each year and 34% of those people die. That means, according to the American Heart Association's stats, heart attack is responsible for 1 in 6 deaths, claiming over 425,000 lives per year. And heart attack doesn't discriminate; In fact, heart attack claims more female lives than cancer.

While most heart attacks are caused by Coronary Artery Disease with over 85% of heart attacks being linked to a specific atherosclerotic arterial plaque called - vulnerable plaque, some heart attacks occur due to other heart related problems such as heart arrhythmia, heart valve problems, congenital heart disease, congestive heart failure, drug interactions and illicit drug use. But ...

By far, the most common cause of heart attack is a blood clot due to either the rupture of atherosclerotic vulnerable plaque or a traveling blood clot that blocks a narrowed, atherosclerotic plaque choked artery.

Statistics: Cardiovascular Disease Statistics ... ... ... Heart Attack and Angina Statistics

Heart Attack - Chest pain
Heart Attack - Chest pain

Heart Attack Symptoms

If you experience these symptoms call 911

The most notorious symptom of a heart attack is chest pain but not necessarily the "movie version" of chest pain where the guy grabs his chest and falls face first into his soup. You may feel the pain in only one part of your body, or it may move from your chest to your arms, shoulder, neck, teeth, jaw, belly area, or back.

The pain can be severe or mild. It can feel like:

  • A tight band around the chest
  • Bad indigestion
  • Something heavy sitting on your chest
  • Squeezing or heavy pressure

The pain usually lasts longer than 20 minutes. Rest and a medicine called nitroglycerin do not completely relieve the pain of a heart attack. Symptoms may also go away and come back.

Other important symptoms of heart attack (especially in diabetics and women) include:

  • Anxiety
  • Cough
  • Fainting
  • Light-headedness, dizziness
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Palpitations (feeling like your heart is beating too fast)
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sweating, which may be extreme

Important Note: Some people (the elderly, people with diabetes, and women) may have little or no chest pain. Or, they may experience unusual symptoms (shortness of breath, fatigue, weakness, altered mental status). A "silent heart attack" is a heart attack that presents with slight or no symptoms.

What happens during a Heart Attack?

Watch as John's heart attack unfolds. This is a really good video.

Hidden Causes of Heart Attack and Stroke

"A must read for anyone who wants to help themselves or a loved one avoid a heart attack or stroke." -- -Michael Miller, PhD. M.D. , FACC, Director of Preventive Cardiology, University Of Maryland

"After my more than 50 years in the medical profession, you have even opened my eyes." -- -Ronald Lawrence M.D. PhD.,Advisory member 4 Govt. Health Boards

"Much of what Christian Wilde suggests today is destined to become standard medical practice in the next decade." -- Gregory Guldner, MD, MS, FACEP, Director Residency, Loma Linda University Medical Center

"Until this book a resource for the patient was simply not available as the subject is vast and complicated." -- -John Rumberger, PhD. M.D., FACC/Professor of Medicine Mayo Clinic and Clinical Professor University of Ohio.

Think You Are Having A Heart Attack?! ...

TIME is of the essence when heart attack strikes. Do NOT waste time call for help NOW! ... Call 9-1-1 .... Do NOT call your buddy, check online, play "macho" or worry about being a "party pooper" during the holidays or some type of family function. Call 9-1-1. And above all ... Do NOT worry about the validity of your symptoms! It is much wiser to be a little embarrassed instead of - DEAD!

What Is a Heart Attack, How Is Heart Attack Diagnosed and Treated? - Heart Attack Videos

What is a heart attack and how is a heart attack diagnosed and treated? The last thing you should ever want to learn up close and personal is how a heart attack is treated.

Unfortunately (according to statistics) there is a 1 in 6 chance that YOU will learn upfront, close and personal exactly how a heart attack is diagnosed and treated before your death (1 in 6 deaths is the result of heart attack). Watch the videos. They show what you have to look forward to unless you take the steps necessary to prevent heart attack from killing you or a loved one.

Symptoms of Heart Attack in Women

Heart Attack in women claims more female lives than cancer.
Heart Attack in women claims more female lives than cancer.

Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

Heart Attack Symptoms in women often present very differently from those typical of men and because of this doctors and women themselves often do not recognize the danger until it is to late. Women die from first heart attacks more often than men and one of the major reasons is this symptom issue. It is imperative that women recognize the difference in symptoms and call for immediate help.

Here is vital information every woman should know about the surprisingly wide range of symptoms that may indicate a woman is having a heart attack. Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, who specializes in women's heart disease, explains.

Heart Attack Can Be Prevented In Most Cases

There is nothing written in stone that says you need to be the next victim of heart attack. Heart attack caused by atherosclerosis (clogged and blocked arteries) can be prevented and reversed. You just have to know what really causes atherosclerosis and most heart attacks and of course how to eliminate or reduce those causes and risk factors.


Guess what?

Even though the primary cause of heart attack is a blood clot that lodges within narrowed arteries diseased by atherosclerosis there are several other possibilities most all of which are due to narrowed arteries filled with atherosclerotic plaque, but ...

The causes of atherosclerosis (artery plaque) are not what you think and the solution isn't cholesterol lowing drugs like statins or high dose niacin both of which can cause more harm than any good. Find out what really causes atherosclerosis and how you can prevent it, reverse it and avoid heart attack.

Does Heart Attack Run in Your Family?

Heart Attack - Heart Disease
Heart Attack - Heart Disease

Have You or A Family Member Had a Heart Attack?

See results

What Is Angioplasty? - Watch the video and learn

Angiograms (diagnostic), angioplasties and bypass surgeries (treatment) are all invasive, dangerous proceedures used to either diagnose or treat atherosclerotic clogged areteries in order to re-establish blood flow. As miraculous as these life saving proceedures appear to be, they all carry the risk of death. In fact, 5% of patients die on the table or within two weeks of the proceedures. That is a statistical fact nobody talks about. However ...

If you are at the point where you may die without the proceedure (you are having or have had a heart attack because of a completely blocked coronary artery and clot busting drugs aren't doing the job why not give it a shot? If it's to late for anything else these proceedures can save your life.

Bypass Surgery - Amazing Skill

The skill and ability of a good heart surgeon is simply amazing and to watch it happen one has to marvel at the life saving talent. Surgeons who have this kind of skill are definitely men and women you want in your coner when the chips are down. They can literally save your life. However ...

Arterial blockages are preventable. By simply taking care of your body with wise food choices and lifestyle habits most of these life saving measures, bypass surgery and angioplasty, can be avoided.

Heart Attack Symptoms
Heart Attack Symptoms

Heart Attack:Two Things You Can Do To Survive

There are two critical steps you can take to enable your survival should you experience a heart attack. These two steps are critically important because early action is the key!.

#1 - Call 911 for emergency service. The sooner you are able to receive emergency medical treatment the better your chances of survival. Medical personnel (EMT's) can begin diagnosis and treatment before you even get to the hospital.

#2 - Chew an aspirin or two as soon as your symptoms begin. Do not swallow the aspirin(s) whole, chew them up first because it helps the aspirin to absorb into your system faster. The aspirin will help prevent further blood clotting and may even reduce any current clottage. Please note that ...

You can be chewing the aspirin while dialing 911.

IF you have coronary atery disease or another condition that may increase your risk of heart attack such as diabetes or peripheral arterial disease carry a couple aspirin with you at all times so you are prepared, just incase.


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