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How to Prevent Heart Disease

Updated on May 11, 2011

How to Prevent Heart Disease!

Heart disease is a major cause of death in todays generation. The lack of exercise, healthy eating and smoking are the main causes of developing heart disease. Let us read more about how you can prevent heart disease in yourself and your family.

1) Smoking

It is no surprise that smoking is a major cause of heart disease. The reason why is because tobacco products contain very harmful chemicals that damage the heart and blood vessels. This eventually causes your articles to narrow and suffer a higher chance of a heart attack. Carbon Monoxide is also another killing cause as it replaces most of the oxygen in the bloodstream. This causes your heart to pump twice as hard to reach parts of the body where oxygen levels are low, resulting in high blood pressure. To prevent heart disease, you need to stop smoking altogether or there is no chance of reducing the risks. It is a choice you need to make for the rest of your life. A few puffs of smoke could also endanger your life like it has done to many passive smokers.

2) Exercise

Constant exercise is a must if you’re hoping to prevent heart disease. You don’t need to exercise excessively to get the best results or this might worsen your hearts condition. 30-60 minutes of exercise in a few days of the week is acceptable. This sort of exercise doesn’t need to be weightlifting etc but has to be some sort of exercise. Simple tasks such as walking, running, going up and the stairs is beneficial enough. So as you can see, its not much of a hard task.

3) Diet

Many people choose to diet to help them lose several pounds of weight. Of course, obesity is a cause of heart disease as well but if you’re hoping to prevent heart disease, dieting is a great tip to help you get the important nutrients in your body to fight against any disease. Foods that should be included into your diet include:

  • Fish
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Brown rice
  • Walnuts
  • Seeds


Overall, these tasks are very simple and easy to accomplish. Heart disease can kill so it’s vital that you treat yourself before you need emergency treatment.


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