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Worry and weight gain

Updated on November 8, 2014

A brief overview

The purpose of this lens is to help understand anxiety and the bearing that it has on weight gain. Studies have shown that both men and women are candidates for stress and weight gain related eating , but both have different reasons for the stress itself.Men for the most part being the providers that they are were found to be stressed about the loss of a job and also divorce. Women were found to be stressed about not being supported on an emotional level. Stress has a way of leaving a person feeling hopeless because there is seemingly nothing that can be done at the moment . One thing that is accessible and easy to take control of is food. Studies have also proven that stress eaters have a high body mass index which shows the effects of the types of foods they eat. A lot of the fast food type foods that are easy access and pack on the most pounds. Cortisol is a stress hormone that is released within the body when a person is in stress related situations.

Stress and the hormone cortisol

Anxiety and stress coupled with the release of the hormone Cortisol in the body promotes weight gain in the following ways. It affects the metabolism to the point of making it hard to lose weight and may cause one to feel exhausted. A person may eat what they have normally eaten but experience weight gain because of that slow metabolism. Also people who experience weight gain crave the fatty type foods which in themselves contribute to the weight gain. Its also not uncommon to eat sweets.

Anxiety may release the hormone cortisol whichs contributes to weight gain

Other stress related problems

Stress and cortisol also may cause other problems related to weight gain. It causes more fat to be distributed in the abdominal area which can lead to higher health risk. One of the best things a person can do to reduce stress is to exercise. Start a exercise program that works well with your schedule and fitness level. It is advised to seek the advice of a physician before engaging in any exercise program.

Everyday someone is accomplishing their weight loss goals because they refuse to quit

4 Ways to manage weight gain due to stress

Understanding that worry about weight gain does not help to lose it.

  • Life brings many problems that nothing can be done about but weight loss is something that can be fixed. replace worry with a plan to combat stress related weight gain.

Decide to make being healthy your primary goal.

  • The world we live in sadly promotes looks over health in many cases. There are many people who look good from a weight perspective who are in poor health. Strive to do the things that promote health and weight loss and peace of mind will follow.

Stop comparing yourself with others

  • There are different body types and makeups so a person who's body type is not physically made to be a size 2 should be happy with who they are. Comparison often leads to anxiety so focus on being the best you.

Seek professional help

  • The professional world has many answers that can be pursued. Seek help to prevent misinformation about weight and stress.

Have you noticed a difference in weight in relation to stress?

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