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Updated on October 3, 2014

Casuses of heartburn

There are many causes of heartburn and if you are serious about getting rid of the rotten symptoms you need to look beyond medication that only treats the symptoms and try to get to the route of the problem. It all too easy just to take a tablet but the truth is you will just end up getting stronger and stronger ones while ignoring the actual problem. Believe me, as i ended up with an ulcer, which I can assure you is most unpleasant.

Heartburn cures

Ok if you dont want to end up with an ulser then listen up. I suffered with heartburn for years until eventually i got an ulser. I ended up getting a drug called Denol which, after 2 months cured my condition. It was like a miracle to me but after a few years i felt myself relapsing and had to take a good look at myself.

For me its stress and diet. Simple as that. With diet its very easy as you probably already know what sets you off. STOP all the things that give you the heartburn. If you are not 100 % sure then start but cutting out one thing at at time until you isolate the problem. You will find that there are usually more than one thing that start you off. You have to accept that there are things you cant really eat.

Stress might be a bit harder to control but you need to give it a go. Try relaxing, especially in the evening before bed time.

I would also consider speaking to your doctor as they are pretty much the experts and believe it or not hypnotism is brillaint at reducing stress. The only medication that gave me any long term fix was Denol.

My experience

When i was 21 i had a lot of trouble with heartburn. I tried everything and nothing would work at all. I even went off drinking and smoking for over a year and even that didnt make a button of difference. Eventually my doctor put me on a drug called Denol and within a month or 2 i was totally cured. I was able to go on holiday and drink and eat badly for 2 weeks without any hassle.

The denol was in liquid form and has to be diluted before it is taken. It smells like bleachand doesnt taste much better but you get used to it and its a real miracle product. I accidently spilt some of it and it dries like a layer of plastic so i assume this coates your stomach and stops any acid damage or irritation and lets your stomach heal for a change.

Great Stuff on Amazon

Let us know any cure that worked for you

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    • endamclarnon profile image

      Enda McLarnon 5 years ago from Belfast, Ireland

      good old fashioned rennies for instant relief and no late night food binges.