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Is the Conair Heated Foot Bath are Really an Economical Solution?

Updated on November 4, 2015

Foot Spa


Conair Heated Foot Bath Reviews

The Conair heated foot bath reviews shows both the pros and cons of the Conair heated foot spa so that you can make a more informed decision and not expect unrealistic goals from this great little machine. It is great for a relaxing foot massage.

It creates bubbles and soothes aching muscles and is great value for money, however it is not top of the range which would set you back considerably more to purchase. The question is is it worth it or should you spend the extra money on an all singing and dancing machine?

When I have been out digging or riding or hiking sometimes I get back and my feet are tired and aching. This is when something like this is great to have around as relaxing my feet helps me unwind.

The Foot Spa is an Economical Solution for a Foot Spa

Conair foot spa feels great and it relaxes your whole body and not just your feet. The extra deep and large basin means you can relax and have a full massage. It is a good little machine for the money but don't expect miracles. You cannot expect the performance you would with a machine at much higher cost.

This is great for a home based solution. Naturally you can't expect the same power and performance as the high priced salon machines but it works well at home if you cannot get out to a salon or do not want to.

What are the Noise Levels Like for this Spa?

Initially when staring up it sounds quite loud but in seconds it settles down to a buzz. I don't know if people expect it to be silent but it is pumping bubbles with would result in some sound. You can hear the TV and stereo when it is on however some people will have difficulty in concentrated against any external noise so cannot concentrate.

If the sound of the foot spa is of concern to you then take a look at the video demo below as this is a very good indicator of the sound of the foot bath noise levels, which to me are about the norm for a spa machine.

Conair Heated Foot Bath Demo

Footbath with heat and bubbles

When not to use any Foot bath

If you have a medical condition that affects circulation etc you should check with your doctor before using any spa equipment either foot for full bodies as you either should not use the equipment or take your medication in certain circumstances.

Always consult your doctor.

The Manual mentioned many conditions manual are: tuberculosis, benign or malignant tumors, diabetes, thrombosis or phlebitis, hemorrhages, fresh or open wounds or ulcerated sores, foot numbness, varicose veins, poor circulation or bruised, discolored, burned, broken, swollen or inflamed skin.

You should especially check with your doctor before using any spa equipment if you are pregnant or have a pacemaker, infection, cancer, fracture or are in constant pain.

Bubbly Foot Spa in Action


Is the headed foot-bath really a heated foot bath?

Some people say that the heated foot bath doesn't stay hot while others have no trouble with it. You can control the heating levels and by putting hot water in to start with you prolong the length of time it will stay warm. Of course the warmth in your house also makes a difference and the time of year.

Realistically you should not be using any spa equipment for pro longed periods of time anyway, 20 minutes usage max.

Conair Waterfall Foot Spa with Lights, Bubbles, and Heat

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Foot Spa with Heat and Vibration


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