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Remember 06 things to reduce your fat as fast as possible

Updated on May 5, 2016

Fat is a painful thing to resist. Some people eat and it becomes visible to others. You may cover it, but no, you can not hide it at all. When it starts to grow, it only grows. Many get rid off any kind of eating to help themselves. But it's actually harming their body. If you eat properly then only then you can become healthy and reduce your fat. Do you want to know how? Let's know about how effectively you can reduce your fat.

06 things to reduce your fat as fast as possible
06 things to reduce your fat as fast as possible

1) Eat after every three hours

Forget about eating three times in a day. Try to make a habit of eating after every three hours. Don't eat much. It will help you enormously as it would supply necessary energy to your body. You won't accumulate fat in you body. As you are eating regularly you won't have the natural tendency of eating unhealthy junk foods. You would be attracted more to healthy foods.

2) Count how much calorie are you taking

Let's guess that with your age, height and weight you need 2,450 Calories. If you leave sleeping hours behind, if you take food in every three hours 6 times in a day, then every time you are taking 2450/6=408 Calories. If you take calories like this then your fat would reduce quickly.

3) Take good fat, avoid bad ones

For any kind of fat, eating extra oily food is very much responsible. On oil, bad fat is ever present rather the good ones. Stop any kind of oily foods as it is actually causing damage to your body. Look towards food containing essential fatty acid, like omega 3. It would help you from fat.

4) For every pound of weight take 01 single gram protein

Protein is very much helpful towards developing our body structure and as it stays on our stomach for a long time it helps us from taking any unhealthy foods. If your weight is 140 pounds then you need to take 140 gram protein everyday.

5) Eat natural Carbohydrate, not processed ones

Foods containing processed carbohydrates has only bad fat but on the other way natural carbohydrate is good for your body. Without carbohydrate you won't be able to reduce your fat along with your weight.

6) Drink a lot of water

Always keep a water bottle and drink water after every 15 minutes. You don't have to take a lot of water. Drink minimum. If you are a male then you need to drink 3.5 Liter water in a day and if you are female then you need 2.5 Liter. If you maintain this regularly then on the summer days you would not be interested on drinks containing fat. Also you would be able to remove fat from your life.


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