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Can you influence your height or it is predetermined???

Updated on August 29, 2011

A magic formula to increase your height

We are always in search of the answer to some common question; one of them is to know how to become taller. There are some physical attributes which we always like to improve and one of them is the height. Growing tall sometimes is not an easy job for many us. You have to know the right steps to answer your query about how to become taller. A well planned diet full of protein, vitamin and minerals is more important to than high calorie fat diet and carbohydrate. Basically kids in their growing age are not very inclines to choose a healthy diet. Rather, they like fast food, fat food, deserts and chocolates. It is important to teach your child to choose the right food that can help them grow taller. Proteins are building blocks of body, a high protein diet is most important to contribute height. It is also important do cycling, swimming and stretch exercises are some handy tips to practice.

Teach your body to grow taller

One of the most important growing taller secrets is to divert your growth hormone in the right direction. Although it is not an easy job, you cannot just tell your essential hormones and enzymes to obey your order. But these tasks can be accomplished with the help of some regular routine. There are a lot of scientific articles published that food and exercise are only manipulative factor of growing taller secrets. It is our duty to stimulate our pituitary gland to secrete the growth hormone by appropriate exercise. Now it has been well known hypothesis that train your body with regular exercise can help them to release growth hormone on a regular basis. It is also important to understand the time of exercise, it always recommended that workout during the morning is most beneficial. Duration of 25-30 minutes physical activities we should definitely incorporate in our routines. Another factor we should always remember is practicing a good night sleep, when our hormones start their routine growth renewal process.


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    • tiniewinne profile image

      tiniewinne 6 years ago from world

      The male from Germany, Estonia, Netherland and Sweden are considered having highest height in terms of geographical view point. The females from Norway, Netherland and Dinaric Alps having highest height in terms of geographical view point.