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The Uses of Therapeutic Helichrysum Essential Oil

Updated on December 24, 2015

Therapeutic Helichrysum Essential Oil Uses

While you may never heard of it, one of the best essential oils in the market today is Young Living Essential Oils Therapeutic Helichrysum Essential Oil. While there are few people within the United States that are even familiar with this essential oil, this natural essential oil is growing in popularity and many people are becoming more interested in it. It is actually one of the most amazing and healing oils that is used for aromatherapy medically. To date this essential oil has had no criticism at all and has been used with extraordinary results. Wondering where this oil originated and how it can be used? Here is a closer look at the uses of Therapeutic Helichyrysum Oil and its uses.

A Special Variety of the Helichrysum Plant

First of all, it important to understand which Helichyrsum plant this oil comes from. You see, there are actually a variety of different species of this plant, but there is only a special variety where this oil can be found that provides these healing results. The best essential oil actually comes from the Helichrysum italicuma species and the sub species serotinuma gets the most praise and regard. It is the little flowers on the plant that this oil is taken from. While there are other species of this plant are out there, the therapeutic actions of these plants are not as dramatic as the other type.

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The Origins of Helichrysum Essential Oil

Since you may not have every heard of Helichrysum, you may be wondering where it comes from. Well, the origins of this plant are in the Mediterranean regions. This is where this plant is farmed and distilled as well. Of course the places that is the most well known for the best grades of Helichrysum Oil is the island of Corsica, and this is reflected in the price of oil that comes from their as well. As interest is starting to rise in this essential oil, there are some distillers in the United States that are beginning to produce this oil domestically as well. The oils that are produced in the U.S. are a much better deal, with lower prices than oils that come from Europe and you still get the great healing benefits and enjoy the great essential oil uses.

What Does Helichrysum Essential Oil Do?

Helichrysum Oil Advantages

While we have mentioned that this essential oil comes with some great benefits, you may be wondering what they are and what Helichrysum oil actually does. Well, first of all, the molecular components of this oil are very distinct. It is to date the only oil that is known to have powerful di-ketones that are safe and regenerative. It also has curcumene components and they are being studies for anti inflammatory actions as well. Also, it includes spasmolytic esters as well that help to relax tissues within the body. So, with this one oil, you are able to regenerate your body, relax it, and it also acts as an anti-inflammatory.

This essential oil has been found to have more anti inflammatory properties than chamomile does, it provides better regeneration of tissues than Lavender does, and it is better for helping scar tissue to form than Frankincense is. There are literally many essential oil uses. Today it is one of the most valuable and ancient substances that are used for healing.

Essential Oil Uses

Various Applications of Helichrysum

There are a variety of different applications and ways that Helichrysum can be used. Here are just a few essential oil uses that you may want to try yourself if you purchase this essential oil.

- Under Eye Circle Treatment - If you happen to have circles under your eyes, you'll want to take a bit of carrier oil and add just a tiny bit of the Helichrysum oil and then carefully dab around your eyes.

- Psoriasis Treatment - You can also use this oil to help relieve problems with psoriasis as well. Mix a body oil with ten drops of the Helichrysum oil and about two ounces of almond oil as well as a few drops of rose geranium oil as well. Then massage it all over the skin after taking a bath for the relief of psoriasis.

- Treatment for Inflamed Gums - If you are having problems with inflammation of your gums, this oil can help. Take ½ teaspoon of witch hazel and then a drop of the Helichrysum oil and mix it up. Take your toothbrush and put a small amount of this blend on it and rub it on the areas that are inflamed.

- Scar Treatments - Helichrysum oil can also help to heal scars and wounds as well. Combine about ½ ounce of rose hip seed oil, ½ ounce of hazelnut oil, 1 ml of sage and 1ml of the Helichrysum oil and mix it together. Rub this on the scar twice each days for new wounds. For older scars, you should use it for at least three months.

- Sore Muscle Treatment - You can easily make a massage oil with this essential oil. You'll just need some sweet almond oil, sage oils, lavender oil, and a couple drops of the Helichrysum oil. Once you have it mixed up it can be massaged on muscles that acne, sprains, and even joints that are arthritic as well. Of course this should not be used on young children or women that are pregnant.

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