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Help The Environment With Cycling

Updated on February 13, 2010

Helping The Environment

Each and every person has to contribute his or her share to avoid global warming. You can choose to ride a bicycle for the benefit of our ecosystem.
Each and every person has to contribute his or her share to avoid global warming. You can choose to ride a bicycle for the benefit of our ecosystem.

Bicycles are the only vehicles which do not release any harmful gases into atmosphere. A motorcycle burns four times more energy than a bicycle. Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide is released into our environment. These are the route cause for most of the respiratory diseases.

Benefits of bicycle riding:
Let us see a small comparison. Say you ride a car to go shopping one mile away.

  • You spent on petrol, diesel or gas for your car, exhausting a bit of natural energy.
  • You need to find a suitable place to park your car.
  • The harmful gases like carbon monoxide emitted by your vehicle do its part to damage our ecosystem.
  • Then there are other products like air fresheners which are used inside the automobiles.
  • You actually breathe them which may lead to many complications like cancer.
  • No exercise is given to the body.
  • Accidents in automobiles can sometimes be fatal.

If you are going to take a bicycle for the same reason,

  • No fuel is used. You need not spent any money on oil.
  • Finding a place to park your bicycle is lot easier than finding a place to park your car.
  • No poisonous gases are emitted into the atmosphere. You can take the pride of reducing the level of poison in the gas we are breathing.
  • Your body gets fresh air. Your lungs are filled with fresh oxygen making you more active.
  • All the muscles of your body get good exercise. This is much better than working out in a gym with sky high subscription.
  • Bicycle injuries are rarely fatal and they are not liable to kill you in ninety nine percent cases, whereas it is not so in a motorcycle or in a car.

Bicycle riding – the best way to save our ecosystem:
You can definitely argue if riding bicycle by one single person is going to make any difference at all. But the answer is definitely yes. In this critical situation where each and every one has to do something to save our ecosystem you contribution is definitely worthy.

Leave alone the minute difference it makes in atmosphere. Riding bicycle for 45 minutes a day has drastic effects on your health. It makes you a very fit person without any ailments. The undeniable fact is that US contributes thirty percent of global greenhouse gas emission by automobiles followed by Japan.

Even if one person stops using a car for one week in his lifetime he contributes a lot. Say you spent average three hours a day in your car and reduce it two hours; still you can save seven hours of greenhouse gas emission which is still a remarkable step.

So in a year you would be responsible for stopping 365 hours of green house gas emission. This is equivalent to 10 % of poisonous gases emitted by a small scale chemical industry.

You become fit and healthy in a year, reducing medical expenses, become stress free, spent lesser on fuel and vehicle maintenance. More than all you have taken an effective step in preventing global warming. So bicycle riding makes you a more worthy citizen of the world.


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