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Health benefits of drinking water

Updated on April 16, 2016

water is an important part of your daily diet because it aids your body to function properly in many different ways.

water is great for helping your digestive track work properly when drinking water before or during eating a meal it helps to properly break down food as well as maintain moisture in the body witch helps prevent constipation, as well as speeding up your metabolism witch helps with weigh loss

bones are also made up of high percentages of water so staying well hydrated reduces risks of osteoporosis.

water helps maintain a body's ph levels witch is very important for the body to be able to properly digest and maintain the proper vitamin and minerals the body needs to survive as well as keeping the body's immune system healthy .

water is also great for your complexion and can keep your skin looking beautiful and clean

water also caries oxygen through your blood witch has many health benefits in its own like helping with your breathing as well as heart and blood function .

there are many different benefits to drinking water everyday and I can tell you, if you add water to your daily diet your body will thank you . you will have more energy throughout the day , get better rest at night, you will get sick less often , and your body will detox its self from all those harmful bacteria and chemicals we pick up in our daily lives, and you will feel more refreshed and less tired as the day goes on.

If you struggle with the taste of water and you feel you just cant stand to drink it add a little citrus to your water . lemon, lime, orange juice or slices it will enhance the flavor as well as health benefits because it also helps in many of the same areas in your body daily function.

fit water into your daily routine buy drinking a glass of water when you first wake up in the morning this will wake up your body and give you energy to get you going in the morning.

then drink a glass of water before each meal , this will help with digestion .

drink water during or after any excersise during the day this will help keep you hydrated and help keep the oxygen flowing in your blood

drink a glass of water every night before bed to help your body get a good night rest .


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