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Hemorroids Treatment

Updated on October 12, 2009

What are hemorroids?

What are hemorrhoids? The term hemorroids (also called piles) is used to describe a condition where the veins in or around the anus have become swollen and inflamed. They can also be itchy and cause serious discomfort. Hemorrhoids can be internal, that is inside the anus or external, under the skin on the outside of the anus. They are a very common problem, affecting both men and women. In fact it is estimated that by the age of 50 around half the population has hemorrhoids.

Causes of hemorrhoids.

Cause of hemorrhoids.

Common causes of hemorrhoids are straining at bowel movements, chronic constipation or diarrhoea aging and pregnancy. Though for most women hemorrhoids experienced during pregnancy will disappear after giving birth.
Eating too much processed food is also recognised as causing problems with digestion and elimination leading to constipation which can lead to hemorroids. Although it seems difficult these days, it’s best to try and cut down on highly processed foods even if you can’t avoid them altogether.

A sedentary lifestyle is also seen as a contributing factor in getting hemorroids. Try not to sit for too long at one time, maybe an hour maximium, and get some exercise, it will also help with your general fitness and health. It could also help improve your digestion and help prevent constipation.

Hemorroids treatment.

The first port of call for most sufferers looking for hemorroid relief is over the counter topical creams or ointments. These are applied externally to the affected area and give relief by the soothing action of the ingredients which may contain a mild anaesthetic.  
Suppositories are another option, these are inserted in the rectum and they moisten and soothe the affected area and ease bowel movement. There are various herbal remedies available which are taken in the form of teas or “infusions”.

It’s helpful to have the right sort of diet, plenty of fibre, drink plenty of water. Eat plenty of vegetables.

Hemorroid Surgery

A last resort hemorrhoid treatment for some sufferers is surgery. This could be Cryotherapy which involves freezing the tissue concerned. Another option is injections into the hemmorroid to shrink it, or ligation which involves putting a rubber band around the hemorrhoid.

There is a tried and tested natural remedy for hemorroids which could cure your problem in 48 hours. Find out more at H Miracle Natures method to cure hemorroids.


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  • KevCC profile imageAUTHOR


    9 years ago

    Thanks Helen,

    It may be a common complaint but it's not often talked about.

  • Helen Cater profile image

    Helen Cater 

    9 years ago from UK

    Now this is one I will pass on to hubby. rated up for sure on this informative hub.


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