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3 Herbal Remedies for Hepatitis Cure

Updated on July 26, 2017

Hepatitis and the clinical feature of the disease, jaundice, can be effectively managed; and cured by incorporating certain specific foods. Home remedies, healing foods and dietary prescriptions can help treat inflammation of the liver, liver enlargement and engorgement and other GI tract symptoms.

Hepatitis is the Inflammation and Enlargement of the Liver

Hepatitis Symptoms

Hepatitis manifests as:

  • Jaundice - yellowing of the skin and sclera
  • Loss of appetite
  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Fever
  • Exhaustion
  • Malaise
  • Loss of weight

Etiological Factors

Hepatitis is a condition, in which, the liver gets inflamed. The liver cells tend to swell, get inflamed and congested.

Frequently seen causes and risk factors for the inflammation of the liver are:

  • Infection by hepatitis A, B, C, D or E virus
  • Adverse effect to prescription drugs
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Liver toxicity (heavy metals, chemical toxins, fungal infection)
  • The immune system may attack the liver cells, causing inflammation.
  • Gall bladder condition

Hepatitis Treatment

Adopting a multidisciplinary approach along with the correct medicines helps manage hepatitis effectively. A diet comprising of all the vital nutrients manages hepatitis successfully.

Experts state that, with appropriate dietary measures, consuming a nutritious diet, increasing your intake of liver - friendly foods, eliminating those foods which put too much burden on the liver and taking optimal preventative measures and care; greatly expedites the healing process, tones up the liver, enhances its working and averts recurrences and chronicity.

3 Potent Liver Tonics

  1. Beet root has potent medicinal properties. It supports detoxification of the liver and promotes quick healing of the liver cells. The red pigment, betacyanin found in the beet root provides amazing health benefits; it facilitates the liver in cleansing and detoxification and gets rid of noxious wastes, heavy metals, and accrued rubbish effectively.
  2. Dandelion root is a powerful liver remedy. It supplies a generous dose of protein, pectin, vitamin A, vitamin C, thiamine and iron. What’s more, taraxacin, present in the dandelion root offers the astonishing health benefits which make the root effective for treating liver damage. Taraxacin has a great toning effect on the liver. It peps up the flow of bile, reduces inflammation of the liver as well as congestion, wards off inflammation of the bile duct and tackles jaundice. It assists in bringing down bilirubin levels back to normal and prevents liver related complications. Taraxacin enhances the working of the liver and assists the liver in sweeping out the toxins. It boosts the health of the whole gastro-intestinal tract and accelerates recovery from hepatitis.
  3. Artichoke is excellent for the treatment of liver disorders. Artichoke is loaded with caffeoylquinic acids, which is present in very high concentrations in the artichoke leaves. Caffeoylquinic acids exert remarkable liver restoring and protecting properties. They allay inflammation and congestion of the liver appreciably and speed up the healing process. It successfully deal with swelling, inflammation and enlargement of the organ. They also display choleretic effects, i.e. they encourage the flow of bile, to and from the liver. Caffeoylquinic acids offer a decongesting effect and manage hepatitis efficiently.


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