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Herbal Remedies For High Blood Pressure

Updated on August 21, 2008
Darlene Norris profile image

Darlene Norris loves cats and dogs. She has worked as a vet assistant, and draws on this experience when she writes her hubs.

Herbal remedies for hypertension are very common in Europe. In fact, doctors there are more likely to prescribe herbs for high blood pressure instead of prescription drugs.

Many studies in Europe have shown how effective herbs are for lowering blood pressure. And these herbal remedies usually don't have any side effects, other than an occasional upset stomach.

Six Herbs That Can Lower Your Blood Pressure

  • Hawthorn has been used as a heart tonic for hundreds of years. It also dilates blood vessels, which helps reduce blood pressure. You will need to take it for at least a month before seeing results.
  • Mistletoe regulates blood pressure and is helpful for both high and low blood pressure. In Europe, mistletoe is often combined with hawthorn to treat hypertension.
  • Kudzu root contains puerarin, which helps to normalize blood pressure. It also has one hundred times the antioxidant activity of vitamin E, and helps to prevent heart disease and cancer.
  • Garlic can reduce hypertension, and may help to reduce cholesterol, too. Garlic can also thin your blood, like aspirin. In fact, if you are taking blood-thinning medications like Coumadin or Trental, talk to your doctor before using garlic on a regular basis. Also, stop taking it if you are having surgery in the next couple of weeks.
  • Ginkgo has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to reduce high blood pressure. Studies have shown that ginkgo relaxes blood vessels, stimulates the circulatory system, and is an anti-inflammatory. It's also very effective in treating irregular heartbeats.
  • Siberian ginseng (not Chinese ginseng or Panax) has long been used as a folk remedy for hypertension and heart problems, among other conditions.

Blood Thinning Herbs

Blood thinners like aspirin can be hard on the stomach, even though they reduce the number of strokes.

Blood-thinning herbs like alfalfa, birch, sweet clover, bedstraw, poplar, red clover, willow, and wintergreen are much easier on the stomach. You can make a vinegar from the leaves, buds, and/or flowers of any of these herbs. A spoonful a day will not only help thin your blood, but it will provide minerals to strengthen your bones.

Stress-Relieving Herbs

  • Lemon balm is a great tonic for the heart and circulatory system. It helps to reduce stress as well. Use it as a tea or vinegar every day.
  • Valerian contain valerenic acid, which keeps a certain enzyme from breaking down gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA), which helps to control blood pressure. Valerian also lowers blood pressure by helping you relax. It's very effective, but can be a little hard to take as it smells like dirty socks!
  • Passionflower and lime blossom (also known as tila or linden) both reduce hypertension by relaxing blood vessels. If your high blood pressure is due to anxiety and stress, these herbs can help.
  • Viburnum opulus (Guelder Rose bark), skullcap, and motherwort are all useful sedative herbs for hypertension.

High Blood Pressure Tea

Pour one quart of boiling water over one teaspoon each of:

  • hawthorne berries and flowers
  • ginger root
  • valerian root
  • motherwort leaves

Let this tea steep for twenty minutes and strain out the herbs. Drink at least two cups a day.

Darlene Norris is a mom and grandma who has been using herbal remedies for many years to keep her family healthy.


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    • Isys Uno profile image

      Isys Uno 7 years ago from NC

      love it!!

    • Darlene Norris profile image

      Darlene Norris 9 years ago from MI

      You can get any of these herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs at

    • profile image

      joefriday 9 years ago

      Thats very interesting, do you know where you can get those from?

    • kellyjean profile image

      kellyjean 9 years ago

      Hey, have you heard of olive leaf tea to help reduce blood pressure? I just discovered it. Cheers!